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bury your burdens in the ground

© La Tranche-sur-Mer, Frankreich 2011 by Fritsch

If you got burdons / Don’t carry them / Just bury them in the ground / If you’re hurting / Don’t worry / I will try to be around / How long can the night time last / How long can it be / These sharp toothed creatures from the past / Gonna be the end of me / Ohhhh, let the sun come on /  Feeling good wasn’t good enough / And I bid farewell to this living hell (William Elliott Whitmore)

Folks, it’s beach days time on 591 photography. So make sure to stop by & experience great views, hollering winds, the wide open horizon & amazing photographs!

posted: September 11, 2011
under: black & white, pictures
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12 Responses to “bury your burdens in the ground”

  1. michèle sagt:

    I find the picture is most beautiful even if „beautiful“ is not an expected word, even if i don’t want to search for anything else than what i see right now

  2. theysroland sagt:

    Of beautiful sets of lines, admirable photo!

  3. aptass sagt:

    I like the exceptional depth you have achieved

  4. Luis sagt:

    Nice contrasty beach shot.

  5. walter sagt:

    Spuren im Sand verwehen,
    Spuren im Herzen bleiben.

    Und deine Bilder hinterlassen grossartige Spuren im Kopf.
    Danke und Gruss

  6. Jerome sagt:

    Black and graphic, superb. Where will the road take us next ?

  7. sherri sagt:

    i like the vastness of the beach with very little sky. really nice.

  8. I simply adore the mood in this shot – so dark and brooding

  9. AR sagt:

    Der Text ist mal wieder hochgradig akkurat. Manchmal kann auch ein Strand die Hölle sein.

  10. DomLOrtha sagt:

    Wow! Impressive work with the lines created by the prints on the sand. And, as always, a excellent strong BW! Yesss!
    Have a nice day.

  11. Beverungen sagt:

    nicht zu vergessen das meer. dahin ziehende schiffe hinterlassen keine spuren. warum?

  12. Beautiful lines. A beautiful beach (…).

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