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the motion of a hand waving you goodbye

© La Rochelle, Frankreich 2011 by Fritsch

Well morning came / And it dressed the sky / In a lovely yellow gown / Now the shops they are / All opening / In that narrow hallway of downtown / Filled with people who / Are shopping for / Their lovers and their friends / So they won’t ever be lonely again (Bright Eyes)

posted: September 14, 2011
under: black & white, pictures
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10 Responses to “the motion of a hand waving you goodbye”

  1. rian sagt:

    nice candid shot of these kids.. :)

  2. sherri sagt:

    makes me curious to know what the children are looking at.

  3. Aurore sagt:

    You know what ? Love this, don’t know exactly why but i love this shot (i sware my comment will be more precised next time ;))

  4. DomLOrtha sagt:

    At the border… wonderful scene!
    Have a nice day.

  5. AR sagt:

    Das ist so herrlich befreiend – diese „Coolheit“, da so zu sitzen, so fantastisch kindlich, fast schon autonom, was wir meistens nicht mehr sein koennen. Ich finde das grossartig!

  6. Jerome sagt:

    The children’s world, further away from adults, each in his own different universe. And that slithering line that separates, great image !

  7. theysroland sagt:

    Wonderful shot street, bravo!

  8. I like the feel here…wonderful street shot that has such great energy.
    I hope all is well with you and you are enjoying the beginning of a new season :)

  9. Beverungen sagt:

    kinder, grenzen, schatten – kurzgefasst: ein leben.

  10. terrorkitten sagt:

    A beautiful shot. I just love the light levels in your shots, they draw me in. The shadows.

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