songs about roving, rambling and plain hard luck & photography from the other side …
maybe I’ll go see Bonnie & not know what to say

Well we made it through the snowstorm feelin‘ lucky to be alive / So I stopped in for a coffee, Charly pissed on the great divide / We went through Arizona found a place to stay / Laid down but feelin‘ hopeful ready for another day (Joe Purdy)

come in, be lost

The instruments do not sleep in their dark cribs / They keep cool, meditate / They have speech with strangers (Omer Klein, poem by C.D. Wright)

one note at a time, connecting the heavenly spheres

The music Pythagorean / One note at a time / Connecting the heavenly spheres / While I leaned against the bar / Surveying the premises / Through cigarette smoke (FIELD, poem by Charles Simic)