songs about roving, rambling and plain hard luck & photography from the other side …

with legs like stones I tried to get away & run

© Alexandrinenstr., Berlin, 2016, Florian Fritsch

Drivin’ through the streets I once knew / Some made me wanna fly, some made me dream of you / You can tell by the way I talk where I come from / And spend a thought on me when I’m long, long gone (SongDogs)

had enough of being the mouse, I’ll no longer keep my mouth shut

© Sankt Pauli, Hamburg, 2015, Florian Fritsch

Nobody listens to a whispering fool / Are you listening? I didn’t think so / I’ve been quiet as a church house mouse / Tip toeing everywhere I go / I’ve had enough of being complacent / I’ve had enough of being the mouse / I’ll no longer keep my mouth shut / Bombs away gonna shake the house / Bombs away I will be heard / You better listen ’cause you just might learn / Bombs away shriek holler and shout / And if you’re not ready then you better get out now (Eeels)

01. Mai 2015, in der kleinen & großartigen ZustandsZone.

you ain’t lonely just let me be your ticket home

© Obentrautstr., Berlin, 2016, Florian Fritsch

You ain’t alone / So why you lonely? / There you go on the dark end of the street / Are you scared to tell somebody how you feel about somebody? / Are you scared what somebody gonna think? / Are you scared to wear your heart out on your sleeve? / Are you scared of me? (Alabama Shakes)

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