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while yet you are still burning inside my brain I

Then you came along / With your siren song / To tempt me to madness (Mette Rasmussen, poem by Billy Strayhorn)

posted: Januar 18, 2017
under: black & white, jazz, pictures
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3 Responses to “while yet you are still burning inside my brain I”

  1. Elaine- sagt:

    tempt you into the deep waters baby, where we swim together forever… this is a neat picture, was he really laying on the floor?

  2. Uwe sagt:

    Herrlich energetisch,
    aber auch subtil
    und vor allem:
    Was für Geräusche,
    was für Phrasen,
    was für Linien.
    Abgetaucht in die Tiefe
    der Töne.


  3. Francis J sagt:

    Music burning! Pure energy burning! Sounds of energy! A great capture! Capture or the musical phrase! Visual jazzzzzzzz! Let it sound! Such a breath!
    Love it, Florian. Makes me dance in my armchair! You got it, bro. You got it and that’s a pure gem!

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