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we would cut the lights, race the moon right over the trees

Once we drove all night / Wind in our hair, blood in our cheeks / We would cut the lights / Race the moon right over the trees / Drink the bottle dry / Watch the sun rise out of the sea (Caitlin Canty)

posted: Januar 15, 2017
under: colour, pictures
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4 Responses to “we would cut the lights, race the moon right over the trees”

  1. Uwe sagt:

    Stabilitas loci:
    Drei Bilder in Folge aus bzw. von der „Homebase“, drei Bilder in Folge vom Winter, drei Bilder in Folge, die das Thema Licht variieren, drei Bilder in Folge mit Hoffnung im Sinn …

    Und das letzte hier erinnert mich an den Spruch vom Pianoriesen Thelonius Monk:

    It’s always night,
    otherwise we wouldn’t need light.


  2. Elaine- sagt:

    chasing the moon in your muscle car!! just you and me, baby!

  3. Francis J sagt:

    Some weak lights in the darkest winter night, is it enough to make a picture? That’s the question. The question you ask. And I answer yes, bro. You dared to do it and it’s working like the ultra minimalist paintings of modern art. Something like black for Soulages, for instance.
    I can imagine stories of the street, Florian. And I can imagine stories inside, on your side, too. Such adventures!

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