songs about roving, rambling and plain hard luck & photography from the other side …

stepping on the devil’s tail across the stripes of a full moon’s head

Another year of roving & rambling. Another year of looking for that something I don’t know when it started years ago nor do I know yet. Another year of searching & finding …

Searching for that glowing light in someone else mostly at the dark end of the street …

swimming upstream down oceans of joy with Ricky Lee Jones always through the night …

finding out that every kind of man made order may end up in that beautiful wilderness …

but that wilderness is a state of consciousness & all our palaces are temporary palaces …

that it does funny things inside a man, smells funny & shines like a diamond in the night …

that it is hard not to get lost when a long forgotten music box keeps playing & playing …

that it is hard not to get lost even when that line & that damn horizon seem all clear …

that it takes mountains of patience, hearing, seeing, feeling & waiting, waiting, waiting …

to find that girl who really knows how to make that guitar talk, whine, sing & scream …

to find that girl who really, really knows how to set that restless heart & soul on fire …

while all that is & all that will be & all that we’re ever searching for is blue light inside …

while all that is & all that will remain & all that we’re searching for is blue light til dawn …

& another year of songs about roving, rambling and plain hard luck & another year of photography from the other side … because I found out it is the other side that matters.

Schiffer broke a bottle on Morgan’s head / And I’ve been stepping on the devil’s tail / Across the stripes of a full moon’s head / Through the bars of a Cuban jail (Tom Waits)

Thanks for your companionship in the past year folks & I’m hoping to see you on these roads somewhere in 2014.

All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

posted: Dezember 27, 2013
under: black & white, pictures
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18 Responses to “stepping on the devil’s tail across the stripes of a full moon’s head”

  1. walter sagt:

    Mein lieber Freund, einfach grossartig dieses Résumé des vergangenen Jahres … Bilder zum Eintauchen … Bilder zum Versinken … Bilder zum Vertrinken … Bilder zum Staunen und Bilder zum Träumen. Wahrlich Kopfkino vom Feinsten!
    Florian, ich freue mich auf neue kommende funkelnde Bilderperlen und wünsche dir frohe Tage und ein gutes neues Jahr!

  2. duke sagt:

    Beautiful retrospective of the past year (photo # 1 is lovely).
    I wish you all the best for the year possibele happens.

    My sincere friendship my friend.


  3. Jerome sagt:

    That looks like it was an excellent year Florian, on to 2014 !

  4. Was für ein wunderbar komponierter Jahresrückblick, der uns noch dazu einen Blick in die ganz persönliche Innenansicht deiner Fotos gestattet. Danke!

    Es war mir eine Freude, dich durchs Jahr zu begleiten. Freue mich auf neue Bilder-Musik-Geschichten und -Collagen, Träume und Gedanken im neuen Jahr.


  5. Elaine- sagt:

    oh what a beatiful story, my friend!! and i was soooo hoping for a happy ending and you gave it to me, it’s the other side that matters… how did you knooooow? Happy Holy Days :) xoxoxoxoxoxxoxox

  6. ay, Fritsch, it’s been great to follow you and your wonderful work throughout this year, and I’m looking forward to seeing more magic from your lens in 2014!

    thanks, pal!


  7. Frau Blau sagt:

    ach fein, lieber Florian, noch einmal deine wunderbaren Bilder zu sehen, einige davon sind richtig vertraut (das kommt vom vielen anschauen ;o) )
    auch im nächsten Jahr werden wir die Straße wandern, fein, dich ab und an treffen zu dürfen und das Neue, was niemals wirklich neu, aber immer doch auch … irgendwie … mit dir zusammen zu betrachten!

    good days and ways
    herzlichst Ulli

  8. michèle sagt:

    Une belle récolte! Très belle!!

  9. Phil Vaughn sagt:

    Florian, I love the photos reviewed, but I am captured by your words and personal insights. Every day is an adventure be it a large one or a small one. Every place is a world unto itself. Every person we see and/or contact is another exploration that we may or may not experience. But, we get to go through it, absorb it as best we can, and somehow assimilate it all into our own being. Your photos, your travels, the songs you point us toward have been wonderful little side trips that have taken me out of my tiny world. I thank you for that and wish you the absolute best during the soon to arrive 2014.

  10. Francis J sagt:

    Roving and rambling with a friend like you is a privilege, my dear Florian. It’s great to review all these pictures and I’m sure that 2014 will bring you (and us through your eyes) a lot of interesting material, very peculiar, full of your personal „Weltanschauung“.
    Tous mes vœux pour 2014 !

  11. Elaine- sagt:

    listen baby, i think you should take up writing poetry, make a book of words with pictures you have taken…. women like me need you to set our hearts on fire :) Happy New Year, sweet thang xoxoxoxoxoxox

  12. Aurore sagt:

    A beautiful review of the past posts, Florian. I like your night atmosphere in particular :) Best wishes for 2014 amigo !!

  13. Yes, I connect with your photography. Some of your photographs could be made by me, like some of mine could be made by you. I look forward to more of your thoughts and images in 2014. All the best Florian.

  14. rem_la sagt:

    j’aime l’ambiance polar de la premiere…..
    mes meilleurs voeux pour cette nouvelle année 2014

  15. Roland Theys sagt:

    Beautiful retrospective, best wishes for 2014!

  16. Ein Jahr, angefüllt mit wunderbaren Fotografien … das wünschen wir uns auch 2014. Wir wissen, dass wir sie bei Dir finden werden, lieber Florian!
    Wir wünschen Dir ein gutes und kreatives Jahr, alles Liebe von uns!
    dm und mb

  17. shooter sagt:

    These are superb, it’s my first visit and I will be popping back

  18. aptass sagt:

    Frohes neues Jahr Fritsch.
    Thank you for telling us stories

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