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every time we’re up we’re falling down

Stumble forward, take the bottle from the shelf / Some silver harmony that makes its way back now / Find the confidence it takes to leave this place / Cock the trigger, check your head and have your say / It’s not forever now, but still you don’t see how / Every time we’re up we’re out of bounds / It’s not forever now, but still I’m finding out / Every time we’re up we’re falling down (Micah P. Hinson)

posted: Dezember 23, 2013
under: black & white, pictures
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8 Responses to “every time we’re up we’re falling down”

  1. geert sagt:

    It seams like it’s bitter cold out there. Winter is the most somber season. There is light, yes, but it doesn’t seem to reach those who need it most.

    “Melancholy were the sounds on a winter’s night.” (Virginia Woolf)

  2. Elaine- sagt:

    it’s sooooo cold here right now, but you warm me up…. and i thank you for that, another year of photographic lovin’s gone by :) now which way’s the beach? :)

  3. duke sagt:

    You could also say that whenever we are at the bottom, you can only go up … No ?

  4. ay, Fritsch, buddy, the picture is apparently a summer gem to enjoy on these cold winter nights, but then the lyrics and the song rip this illusion to pieces, and recontextualize the frame completely.

    great work, pal!


  5. Phil Vaughn sagt:

    Well now…life has it’s set of barrens, but it also has some treasure boxes hidden in those sandy dunes we have to slog through. I can identify with discouragement, disappointment, and frustration. Who can’t? Despite it sucking the joy of life from the core of our being, who wants it to win? We keep picking ourselves up and hoping we can pick a few other people up as well along the way. I’m not ready to quit yet, even if every „UP“ tells me a „DOWN“ is waiting in hiding. Maybe I thrive on a good thrashing now and then. I know I learn more when I’m at the bottom than when I’m flying in the clouds. A-n-y-w-a-y, I love the mind-play your photos bring to me. Have a great Christmas!

  6. Francis J sagt:

    What in a photograph moves the viewer ? Difficult to say, but I guess it has to see with the viewer. In fact, that’s a kind of meeting between photographer and viewer.
    Why do I like this one ? Because I remember moments when I was falling down along autumn beaches where no one was walking ? Falling down just because the day before I had the illusion I was up ?
    I hope you understand my thoughts, Florian, as I hope I understood something of this beautiful and moving shot.

  7. michèle sagt:

    Up and down. Sometimes more often down than up.

    Nevertherless in that beautiful picture i see the precious snow white of cold dry winter.

  8. Das richtige Mittel gegen allzu graue Wintertage ist ein Strandspaziergang in Deinem Bild. Ich fühle den feinen weißen Sand, der noch angewärmt ist, dazu das Rauschen der Ostsee. Ich bräuchte mehr davon …
    Viele Grüße von uns!
    dm und mb

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