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and don’t you, don’t you forget about me

© Karneval der Kulturen, Berlin 2012 by Fritsch

And there are things / That I do / That don’t mean a thing anyway / There are things / That I do / That don’t mean a thing anyway / They don’t mean a thing anyway / And don’t you, don’t you forget about me / Forget about me (Micah P. Hinson)

posted: Juni 3, 2012
under: black & white, pictures
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13 Responses to “and don’t you, don’t you forget about me”

  1. Elaine- sagt:

    looks like a lovely bunch of fruit, but that may be because i’m hungry, hungry for your photographic lovin’s.. those black and white textures leaping into my heart and making it sing, now i all need is for the fruits of your labour to get in my tummy :) good morning sweetness, or whatever time it is there! xoxox

  2. rian sagt:

    pretty cool gradients in these orbs you captured.. well done! :)

  3. Aurore sagt:

    Hard to guess what i’m looking at… but i do love the tones and textures !

  4. Francis J sagt:

    Carnival of the cultures, if I’m not wrong. Seen from Brazil, where Carnival is the unique serious thing, I have to look at this enigmatic picture very seriously. And, seriously, I’m feeling like a balloon among ballons, we all balloons looking at the stage of a little theater, waiting for the curtain’s opening. Well, let’s say my mind is wondering and wandering, my little fantasies are awakening, ready for the Carnival to begin. And just now, Florian, I’m already happy with this unique vision of yours, this crowd of clear balloons and this dark stage, just like I’m happy at the sambadrome when the light is going to turn green.

  5. Mniha sagt:

    very very nice picture, i like it !!

  6. Beve sagt:

    deutsche luftballonmelonen. und dahinter die hölle. oder so.

    es grüßt

    der beve

  7. Uwe sagt:

    Wieder einmal ein gewöhnliches Motiv grandios unheimlich in Szene gesetzt!
    Was soll diese Parade der Ballone?
    Zu welchem Ende präsidieren sie hier, vor dem Zelt der „deutsche(n) schreber-jugend“?
    Oder sind es Dino-Eier, die aus dem unbestimmten, urgeschichtlichen Dunkel aufsteigen?
    Nein, es sind wahrscheinlich nur formschöne, weiße Kugeln aus Alabaster oder Marmor oder gar Elfenbein.
    Aber auch diese Deutung hält nicht an: Sind es nicht simple Lampen, die uns ein Licht aufgehen lassen und anleiten wollen, noch im trivialsten Gegenstand ein Wunder zu entdecken.
    Gruß, Uwe

  8. sherri sagt:

    at first i thought they were eggs. now i’m thinking honey dew melons. at any rate, i like it.

  9. Ivy Tavia C. sagt:

    Praise Be! It’s all right there in the title for a reason (HA!)… the quotient packed into this picture roar cleverness yet again Florian – Kudos!

  10. Jerome sagt:

    It’s in the multitude sometimes that we find a sense of quietude

  11. Phil Vaughn sagt:

    Interesting. The smooth orderliness of this photo with its gamut of whites, grays, and blacks is in direct contrast to the raw and ragged plea of the song. I can’t fit them together, really, unless I imagine that one or the other is something that „doesn’t matter.“ I tend to think (with some hesitation) that the lyrics are given the edge here and that the photo smooths some of that rawness away by being so harmless on it’s own. Fritsch, you are playing with my mind again, and I think you enjoy that. Job well done!

  12. DomLortha sagt:

    Eggs, balloons, melons? Nice play with these circled shaped objects… Unusual!
    Have a nice day.

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