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visions of 4 walls, TV, sink & tub

© Terminal 2, Frankfurt am Main 2011 by Fritsch

The Sandman and Riverhouse, The Horseshoe and the Ho-hum / Just romantic visions of 4 walls, TV, sink and tub / The 777 & Ox-bow and down the street is the Westward Ho! / As a kid all I wanted was to disappear inside / Disappear inside to / The Rancho and Sutro, The Time Zone and don’t forget / The Everybody’s Inn or The Monte Carlo / Motel life ain’t much a life and motel ain’t much of a home / But I found out years ago, that a house ain’t either (Richmond Fontaine)

posted: Februar 2, 2011
under: black & white, German Langeweile, Im Herzen von Europa, pictures
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20 Responses to “visions of 4 walls, TV, sink & tub”

  1. Anne V. sagt:

    A lot of mystery in this picture. Well done.

  2. I love this BW. It is gorgeous. The photo reminds me of the scene of Reservoir Dogs where Tim Roth is with the police with a bag full of drugs and everything slows down.

  3. Otto K. sagt:

    really nice B&W. I like the composition and the repetition. lovely!

  4. joe sagt:

    Sehr Inspirierend immer wieder … gut gesehen weiter so. Joe

  5. walter sagt:

    Da stehen sie nun in Reih und Glied, die Spiegel und die Waschschüsseln, blank poliert, bereit zu dienen, warten sie auf Kunden, die ihre Hände in Unschuld waschen, die ihre Haartollen frisieren und parfümieren um dann das stille Örtchen hastig wieder verlassen und sich anderen noch dringerenden Geschäften zuzuwenden. Diese Stätte wird tagtäglich hundert- oder tausendfach benutzt, aber der Gegensatz könnte nicht grösser, dein Bild strahlt eine unglaubliche Ruhe aus.

  6. terrorkitten sagt:

    Lovely tones and lovely shot, Florian!

    Man, that is a beautiful tune, they always break my heart.

  7. Luis sagt:

    Had time to peruse my RSS feeds and there you were…

    I enjoy your unpretentious and clear seeing. The BW is an excellent choice given the lighting, shadows, lines and placement of the mirrors. Nice work, Fritsch.

  8. Tout est carré sur ce cliché : les éviers, les carreaux et la qualité du cliché… Une photo de scène de cinéma…

  9. Elaine- sagt:

    Florian, my DeLorean on the Highway of life :) I’m whacked out on pain killers and the above picture just looks soooooo good to me, i can hear the lights humming to the frequency of the pain in my back, soothing me, making me want to go lie down with a hot water bottle

  10. Marcie sagt:

    Such an excellent b&w. Love how you’ve taken something so ‚ordinary‘ and transformed it into something more.

  11. sherri sagt:

    The reflection in the one mirror is so well lined up. I like how the light flows in this.

  12. Turnbill sagt:

    Staking out restrooms now, are we? A very clean one, as well.

  13. rian sagt:

    very nice black & white shot.. :)

  14. Phil Vaughn sagt:

    Very thought provoking, Fritsch. Everything in the photo is so ordered, regimented, and precise. It is a construction that is seemingly sterile when, in reality, it is anything but that even when it’s at its best. The photo at first glance sets a stark contrast to the life that the song portrays–and then we remember that life can be anything but ordered, attractive, and clean as well. Good work (but I can’t believe I’m analyzing a restroom!) :) Best wishes, Fritsch!

  15. DomLortha sagt:

    Very complex picture with a huge composition with a lot of reflections and things to see. One of the most beautiful picture I have seen this week.
    Have a nice day.

  16. rotundschwarz sagt:

    Dein Prinzip der exakten Schwarzweiß-Fotografie sozusagen am Motiv auf die Spitze getrieben. Grafische Korrespondenzen. Kühl. Licht- und Schattenspiele. Spiegeleffekte. Vieles, was zu beschreiben wäre und doch bei mir in diesem Fall: Inhalt vor Form. Kalte Welt. Verlorene Träume. Ein perfektes, ein deprimierendes Foto.

  17. Maybe I’m strange, but every time I’m in a public bathroom (an empty one), I want to photograph it.

    This is really well done.

  18. Everything so perfectly aligned, the tiles on the wall, straight edges everywhere. Cool shot and lighting.

  19. elaine sagt:

    i enjoy these dehumanized atmosphere where everything could happen somehow!

  20. Beverungen sagt:

    so viele linien, gerade- zum durchdrehen. ein perfekter ort, um einen amoklauf vorzubereiten.

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