songs about roving, rambling and plain hard luck & photography from the other side …
the wind, moved like an echo, carrying their voices

Well some day I hope to find / That land of funny wine / Where the coffee grows on the wide oak trees / And those sugar coated mountaints in the spring begin to melt to sweetest stream / Reached night, the starlight and the sea / Together form eternity / And the wind moves […]

desert keeps forming underneath the black moon

I am always one / Without a warning / Whole days reappear / Lift away / Past the gate / Desert keeps forming underneath the black moon (Wilco)

old songs keep us dancing round the room, stuck in circles

Old songs keep us dancing around the room / Stuck in circles / Nothing new to see / How long can one heart beat so confused? / We can’t stay here waiting on another day / Where can we go from here? / Where can we go? / We keep trying to get back (Caitlin […]