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little wheels inside my brain, God I wonder where I’m going

© Pfaffenwiese, Frankfurt-Hoechst 2012 by Fritsch

I’m counting trees, I’m counting miles / I count the distance between your smiles / Give me something to hold on to / No not that, I don’t want to / And if you drive, drive your car fast and hard a million miles / Well you might finally find yourself alone way out there on the highway (Jim White)

posted: Oktober 7, 2012
under: black & white, Im Herzen von Europa, pictures
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9 Responses to “little wheels inside my brain, God I wonder where I’m going”

  1. rian sagt:

    a quiet scene with only tire tracks left.. nice shot..

  2. Phil Vaughn sagt:

    The sense of vacancy is strong; a place meant to be occupied and waiting to be rediscovered and useful once again. We are somewhat the same–craving rediscovery, being useful, and empty unless we are. Purpose: we need it. Your photos are theatres for thoughts, Florian.

  3. Uwe sagt:

    Ein leerer Platz, voller Spuren.
    Ein leerer Platz, in der Erwartung.
    Ein leerer Platz, ohne Zuversicht.
    Ein leerer Platz, für sich stehend –
    eine graue Fläche,
    die von unseren Assoziationen betreut wird.

    Und die Lüftungsschächte (?) erscheinen wie die technoiden Idole unserer Zeit, die fremd und metallisch glänzend der Reihe der Baumsilhouetten gegenüberstehen.

    Einmal mehr zeigt sich die Schönheit Deines Fotos im Reichtum der Grauwerte und in der Deutungsoffenheit des Motivs.

    Gruß, Uwe

  4. Elaine- sagt:

    hello my pretty… have you been spinning your wheels in that parking lot?

    instead, drive your car a million miles and see me

  5. Francis J sagt:

    Is it important to know where we are? Maybe yes, maybe not. Yes if I imagine we are above some building which air conditioned system spurs out on the background. But with the trees around, we know the building should be subterranean. But nothing is quite clear about the function of these tubes. And finally that’s what matters: the uncertainty, the ambiguity of the place, its mystery. Nobody there to tell us some more. We are just alone as viewers, free to imagine our stories, led by a feeling of vacuum. Cars or trucks have been passing there, where are they now?
    Well, Florian, that’s a strong picture, full of potential stories to imagine. But yet more that’s a strong picture which doesn’t even need to be explained. That’s why I like it so much!

  6. Ivy Tavia C. sagt:

    The most complex science… brian that is (HA!)so much easier to follow-your-heart! Well illustrated Florian both goes in handy your depiction, nice!

  7. Ivy Tavia C. sagt:

    Opps “BRAIN”… hahhahhaaha

  8. DomLortha sagt:

    Only prints to remember the presence in this urban desert! Great eye to catch this!
    Have a nice day.

  9. Jerome sagt:

    Wheels and tire tracks show us where others were and passed, but who shows us where no one has been ?

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