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lost in this world

© Selfportrait I, Berlin 2010 by Fritsch

Maybe it’s my skin, it’s too thin / Maybe it’s my heart that always caves in / But I fucked up again / I barely know who I am / I’m sorry for all the things I haven’t done / I’m just lost in this world (Richmond Fontaine)

posted: März 10, 2010
under: black & white, pictures
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18 Responses to “lost in this world”

  1. Luis sagt:

    You are a philosopher with a camera, Fritsch; one on a protomlasic, but metaphysical, venture. Excellent composition.

    Oh, and nice to meet you.

  2. Otto K. sagt:

    Hi! :-) Terrific mood in this image. Well done.

  3. Markus sagt:

    I took great pleasure in the combination of the song and your image – both are wonderful sad lyric

  4. Polydactyle sagt:

    Very nice composition. Always great strong b/w

  5. Kamal sagt:

    Self portrait? Ah, the master has been unveiled.

  6. Joe sagt:

    I’m starting with the man in the mirror / I’m asking him to change his ways / And no message could have been any clearer / if you wanna make the world a better place / Take a look at yourself and then make a change (Michael Jackson)

    Cooler schuss, das andere Ich! das nicht von einem Lassen kann, …

  7. wonderful framing
    a great moody shot

  8. Elaine- sagt:

    i don’t like those lyrics to go with your self portrait, they don’t suit the strong determined man i see in the picture… and handsome too, thank you so much for cheering me up tonight baby, i’m so down, as you’ve said, i’ve got the blues, it always hurts me so much when one of my dogs dies, this is only the second dog i’ve had, but i’m beginning to see a pattern of terrible pain…. send me another picture of you, i want more

  9. rhys sagt:

    a face to the name at last! great introduction, the framing is perfect

  10. PixeLuz sagt:

    Direct self portrait as asked Kamal or not, there is at least something deep enough to be you that this great composition brings to our gaze. Something of this feeling to be lost…

    The „I’m sorry for all the things I haven’t done“ from Fontaine is it an answer to Neil Young’s „I’m sorry for the things i’ve done“, if i remember well?

  11. Ivy sagt:

    Scene 1.. Take 2.. Voilà! – Lovely framing work!

  12. Superb! What a mood…I love how the man is slightly out of focus, as to not reveal too much.

  13. Elaine- sagt:

    came back for another peek :) what if i get sea sick sailing away from the world of woe on the boat? i would rather hide away than sail away, curl up under the covers and snuggle until we can’t snuggle no more!

  14. terrorkitten sagt:

    Great composition, my friend – kinda like the tune as well ;)

  15. Laurent sagt:

    Un great composition !

  16. flo g sagt:

    un auto portrait très secret.. je retrouve très souvent chez vous cette sensation de silence que j’affectionne en photographie. très beau cadrage aussi

  17. aptass sagt:

    Like a discret Vivian Maier self-portrait, adding mystery to the man behind the camera.

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