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forgetting might make a door appear

© Prisoner exercise yard "tiger cage", Ministry of State Security (MfS) Remand Prison, Berlin 2009 by Fritsch

So if you want to see the future, go stare into a cloud. And keep trying to find your way out of that maze of memories. It all sort of looks familiar, until you get up close and then it’s different, clearly. But each time you turn a corner, you’re right back where you were and your only hope is that forgetting might make a door appear (Bright Eyes)

posted: März 14, 2010
under: black & white, pictures
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15 Responses to “forgetting might make a door appear”

  1. walter sagt:

    … und selbst wenn der Himmel vergittert ist, lässt du den Gedanken grenzenlose Freiheit mit dieser grandiosen Kombination zwischen Text und fantastischem Schwarzweissbild … absolut TOP!

  2. rotundschwarz sagt:

    „There ain’t no easy way out.“ Kein Ausweg, und trotzdem die unaufhörliche Suche nach Spuren von Freiheit – aus den Zwängen der Vergangenheit, der eigenen Gedanken, des Lebens an sich.

    Es ist wunderbar, wie du es jedes Mal neu schaffst, die Ambivalenz in deinen Fotografien durch Text und Musik noch weiter zu verstärken.

    Einmal mehr danke schön – auch für den erstaunlichen Link!.

  3. kris sagt:

    „Well she’s walking through the clouds
    With a circus mind that’s running round
    Butterflies and zebras
    And moonbeams and fairy tales
    That’s all she ever thinks about
    Riding with the wind.“ little wings J.Hendrix
    keep sharing, Kris

  4. Otto K. sagt:

    I love that title. excellent light and patterns.

  5. Great graphical composition. The consistency of your work keep amazing me.


  6. Elaine- sagt:

    i don’t want to forget you, i’ll stay happily in the maze with you, whiling away the days with the clouds and our cameras, very strange topsy turvy image, i like it alot!!!

  7. PixeLuz sagt:

    I first thought of a prison. And after reading the text, i understand you are really talking of a prison, the prison of memories. Looking at the photo, i feel uncomfortable, as if i was sitting down there between the dark walls, looking for the sky to get an escape. Great shot!

  8. Your title is so fitting (as always). I like this view, how it makes me feel, looking for a way out, seeing it but not able to escape the feeling of being somewhat trapped. So expressive.

  9. Luis sagt:

    When you’re in a prison that’s all you have to wish for…

    Very nice black and white, Fritsch.

  10. rhys sagt:

    do I feel trapped or do I feel safe ?
    great mono as ever Fritsch

  11. Elaine- sagt:

    you know i used to be like you, a friend of mine would say a word and i would sing a line to a song to go with it, you know i used to be like you, shot in black and white, afraid that color would take away rather than add… you know now i just like you

  12. Kamal sagt:

    lol. What were you doing in prison Fritsch?! People say the sky is the limit, but then again, the limit is lower for other people. Great lyrics with the picture. A wonderful work once again.

  13. terrorkitten sagt:

    as always, your way with images, music and words blow me away.

  14. david sagt:

    fascinating that it’s a prison…had you been a naughty boy purchance? :-)

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