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trying to leave something behind

This whole world is a foreign land / We swallow the moon, but we do not know our own hand / We’re running with the case, but we ain’t got the gold / And we are trying to leave something behind (Sean Rowe)

posted: April 15, 2017
under: black & white, pictures
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3 Responses to “trying to leave something behind”

  1. Uwe sagt:

    Mal kein Selfie machen, sondern eine Straßenszene festhalten und mit anderen teilen. Aber der Impuls mag der gleiche sein:
    Schaut her, hier bin ich gerade und erlebe was! Und fürwahr: die ZZ ist eine Begegnungsstätte der besonderen Art! Immer wieder!

    Gruß, Uwe

  2. Elaine- sagt:

    nice scene, i used to love sneaking in street shots like this, but these days i don’t have the courage. and i like the little TTV action, sweet shot from sweet Florian

  3. Phil Vaughn sagt:

    I like the photo a lot, Florian. You have your very own style of visual poetry. It seems that, yes, we do try to leave something behind in many cases. At other times, we can only hope something is left behind–something good is preferable. Sometimes, we would like to take something with us, too. Maybe this is because we just have a really hard time in letting go.

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