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while yet you are still burning inside my brain III

Then you came along / With your siren song / To tempt me to madness (Mette Rasmussen, poem by Billy Strayhorn)

posted: Januar 29, 2017
under: black & white, jazz, pictures
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6 Responses to “while yet you are still burning inside my brain III”

  1. Elaine- sagt:

    waaaaiiiittt a second. mermaids don’t play the sax lol i love the way you shot this, magical indeed, the moon, and the mermaid on the rock, in perfect balance… you are wooing us with your mesmerizing photography, my dear

  2. Uwe sagt:


  3. Francis J sagt:

    This free jazz brings me back to ancient times. Freedom times. Full of rage and energy, when everything was possible. And I made it possible to me, though it made me sometimes absolutely crazy…
    A brilliant series, bro, where she explores all the possibilities of her instrument.

  4. walter sagt:

    Vor soviel Sound explodiert auch das Licht, geniale Serie!

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