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the rhythm of life is a jazz rhythm

The rhythm of life / Is a jazz rhythm / Honey / The gods are laughing at us / The broken heart of love / The weary, weary heart of pain,- / Overtones / Undertones / To the rumble of street cars / To the swish of rain / Lenox Avenue / Honey / Midnight / And the gods are laughing at us (Avishai Cohen, poem by Langston Hughes)

posted: März 8, 2015
under: black & white, jazz, pictures
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8 Responses to “the rhythm of life is a jazz rhythm”

  1. Elaine- sagt:

    yeah baby, God is happy, He plays with us…. we are so far apart in our photographic infatuation…. oh well, you can’t come over anyway, i’m a hermit :)

    i love the expression of jazz love on the guy’s face in that shot too… such passion!

  2. walter sagt:

    Welch ein Rhythmus, bei dem ich einfach mit muss!

    Tolle Bilder, faszinierende Musik, wunderbare Texte.

    Chapeau! Florian, eine grossartige Serie!

    • Fritsch sagt:

      Es ist mein absoluter Lieblingstrompeter. Und dieses ein Konzert, dass in der interenen Rangliste ganz weit oben steht. Da fällt dann auch mal eine Serie ab. Vielen Dank, Walter.

      Viele Grüße & weiterhin sichere Straßen, Fritsch.

  3. babzy sagt:

    I like the whole thing,picture, poem an music ! :)

    • Fritsch sagt:

      Thank you. And if ever have the chance to listen to him in a small venue get yourself there. One can’t leave without being happy.

      All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  4. Jerome sagt:

    He might as well be alone how he seems carried away, far away from there

    • Fritsch sagt:

      Anyone not carried away by those fine rhytms must be numb & deaf, Jerome. everyone else was carried away through a beautiful night on the town.

      All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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