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well ask ol‘ Saint Nicholas for another round

The bartender Saint Nick, he knows what I like / Didn’t write him a letter, didn’t ask for advice / Twelve shots of liquor lined up on the bar / He’s got all my money & the keys to my car / From the first day of Christmas right up to the last / I’ll be asking Saint Nicholas to fill up my glass / I’ll be drinking through Christmas, so please come on down / Well ask ol‘ Saint Nicholas for another round / Can’t say that I’m jolly or full of big cheer / I’m full of cheap whiskey, bad bourbon & beer / Outside it’s snowing, the kids are in bed / But the sugar plum fairies are here in my head (Amy Allison)

posted: Dezember 28, 2014
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11 Responses to “well ask ol‘ Saint Nicholas for another round”

  1. Elaine- sagt:

    *snort* sounds like a typical housewife lol how are you, sweet thing? did you have a good Christmas? or did you have 12 shots on the bar? :) xoxoxoxox

  2. michèle sagt:

    PS We’ll all ask saint Nicolas for another round. Yes, we will.

  3. Ulli sagt:

    nicht alle sitzen glückselig oder verkrampft unterm Weinachtsbaum, die Einsamkeit an heiligen Abenden ist kein Gerücht und keine Ausnahme und dann bleibt die Bar und ein Drink, und ein zweiter und ein dritter, ein schaler Trost …
    ein feines Foto!
    herzlichst Ulli

  4. michèle sagt:

    I am so sorry for what i wrote this morning. Could you erase my comment, please?

  5. haha, ay, Fritsch, buddy, sounds like my kind of Christmas, and there’s nobody I’d rather spend time with in a rotten, run down bar than you, a really lousy watered-down-beer bar where Shakin Stevens’s singing Merry Christmas Everyone and me and you and that guy on Potsdamer Str salute each other and ask for one more round of cheap whiskey, bad bourbon and beer …

    keep fillin‘ up those glasses, pal!


    • Fritsch sagt:

      It sure is our kind of Christmas, buddy. So here’s to the cheap whiskey, bad bourbon & beer & all those childhood ghosts called Shakin Stevens, captain. Nothing more melancholic & dramatic as empty glasses. And here’s to those rotten, run-down bars we’ll meet up next year, brother.

      All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  6. Francis J sagt:

    A lonely guy in a desert bar, waiting for nobody, that’s a hard time specially during these last days of the year for lonely people…
    Let’s drink one more glass of wine, Florian, thinking of these people, thinking of all the people who don´t like these days. And let’s drink thinking of us, too!
    See you next year, my friend, see you next year with a lot of new good shots!

    • Fritsch sagt:

      I rasie my glass to you, Francis. Another year nearly gone & what a beautiful year because it’s another year of our friendship, our companionship & a new one is there to arrive with photographs, stories, friendship & kindred spirits.

      All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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