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Saturday made Sunday feel like it would never come

Soul to soul, heart to heart and cheek to cheek / Come on baby give me a kiss that’ll last all week / The thought of you leavin‘ again brings me down / The promise of your sweet love brings me around / Gonna be a long Monday / Sittin‘ all alone on a mountain / By a river that has no end / Gonna be a long Monday / Stuck like the tick of a clock / That’s come unwound again (John Prine)

posted: September 29, 2013
under: black & white, pictures
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7 Responses to “Saturday made Sunday feel like it would never come”

  1. Frau Blau sagt:

    kommen und gehen, ein ewiger Kreislauf und gehen hinterlässt immer wieder eine Spur von Traurigkeit- ein langer Montag steht im Raum …

    good days, good ways wünsche ich dir- möge der Montag nicht zu lange währen
    herzlichst Ulli

  2. duke sagt:

    It is quite right to think …
    Beautiful black and white my friend !

  3. Phil Vaughn sagt:

    A cold wind–chilly to the bone–sitting with someone and not having to be alone. A hole in the sky–a promise or a reminder? A hope or a torment? Sailing on rough water–a little like everyday. There are the things that bring us around…again…but that stuck click of the clock seems to have us tied up. We can only wait and endure. Love the play that you put into my mind when I see your photos and hear your songs. The melancholic hopefulness is just almost to bear. Thank you, Fritsch.

  4. ay, Fritsch, what a day to go boating, huh, it’s grey and chilly and it sure isn’t a joyride – the middle aged couples have buttoned up and closed their coats to keep warm. above their heads something is happening in the sky, are the clouds breaking up or closing in, are things getting better or worse?

    there they are – cast off on a boat under an unpredictable sky…. just like we all are, pal, just like we all are…

    great work!


  5. Elaine- sagt:

    ooooh john prine and that picture, do you know iris dement? i love her voice… and you know the sun’s setting fast and just like they say nothing good ever lasts… lalala… my friend, i will miss you when you or i leave

  6. Jerome sagt:

    Sunday may take long to arrive, but who knows what looms on the horizon tomorrow ?

  7. Kommt sie oder geht sie, die Regenfront? So mancher Kopf ist eingezogen, aber der helle Horizont lässt hoffen.
    Viele Grüße von uns!
    dm und mb

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