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blessed by the wayfaring stranger who knew our names

We were blessed by the mystic who turned water into wine / We were blessed by the watchmaker who gave up his time / We were blessed by the wounded man who felt no pain / We were blessed by the wayfaring stranger who knew our names / We were blessed by the homeless man who showed us the way home / We were blessed by the hungry man who filled us with love / By the little innocent baby who taught us the truth / We were blessed by the forlorn, foresaken and abused (Lucinda Williams)

posted: August 28, 2013
under: black & white, pictures
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8 Responses to “blessed by the wayfaring stranger who knew our names”

  1. Elaine- sagt:

    that looks like a lovely place to have coffee… shall we meet there, my friend? and bless each other?

  2. Jerome sagt:

    This here is a blessing, a nice quiet place in the sun to have coffee

  3. walter sagt:

    Nichts schöneres als die Beine hängen lassen und rumhängen, da bestellen wir doch gerne bei der Bedienung eine Bratwurst, ein kühles Helles und dazu eine Bretzel und staunen immer wieder über den Gerstensaft der ja grösstenteils aus Wasser besteht und an heissen Tag so herrlich erfrischend den Durst löscht und die Alltagsstrapazen vergessen lässt.
    Florian, in diesem Bild gibt es vieles zu Bestaunen und das erfrischt die Augen und das macht so richtig Appetit auf mehr!

  4. Francis J sagt:

    One client, one employee, two attitudes. Are they talking each other? Two different attitudes, telling us about their daily lives, made of tedium. An ordinary day, a mundane scene, that you managed to show us with your very sharp eyes, Florian. These are daily scenes from which you draw the essential, the essence of our lives.
    And that may be where, sometimes, happens the unexpected, which means this may be shot just before the miracle, a pagan miracle or whatever, but something strong, the evidence of a deeper human relation despite of this picture portraying two people looking lost in boredom.
    A simple story, a great one!

  5. CrashRyan sagt:

    a really nice poem :-)

  6. Entspannte Atmosphäre am Bratwurststand, der mit seinem Dach so richtig exotisch daher kommt … und der Preis für die Bratwurst scheint mir auch in Ordnung zu sein.
    Wie so oft in Deinen Bildern wird das Unscheinbare und Nebensächliche zu einem großen, vielschichtigen Moment!
    Viele Grüße von uns!
    dm und mb

  7. ay, Fritsch, it’s just one of Sunday morning coming downs, one of those moments and one of those places where things fall together and you just know you have to stop for a while and grab a bratwurst from a make-believe tropical hut somewhere in Germany …..

    somewhere in the distance a dog is barking, a car pulls up and a girl gets out. it’s just one of those hobo-moments, buddy!

    great shot – keep it up!


  8. duke sagt:

    Take a break, to empty (and full) and leave stronger !

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