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I can try to run & hide but he’ll find me sure as hell

© Eleni Mandell, Berlin, 2013, Florian Fritsch

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© Grüner Salon, Berlin, 2013, Florian Fritsch

Disappointment knows me well / I can try to run and hide but he’ll find me sure as hell / I was certain you were true when our light shone like a star / Oh, now I’m just another lonely heart / Oh, I’m just another lonely heart (Eleni Mandell)

Folks, it’s a great pleasure & honor all at the same time to be invited by the dear folks of pixartix to participate in their „Straßen & Wege“ cycle. So make sure you follow them great photos, great stories & great photographers over there as much as I do.

All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

posted: März 25, 2013
under: black & white, pictures
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13 Responses to “I can try to run & hide but he’ll find me sure as hell”

  1. Magnifiques photos noirs et blanc, j’aime beaucoup !

  2. walter sagt:

    Einfach traumhaft, Augenpralinen vom Feinsten, Schwarzweiss in absoluter Perfektion!
    Lieber Florian einmal mehr einfach grossartig!

  3. Phil Vaughn sagt:

    Your photos point out the theme of „isolation“ as them highlight the subjects in their small spots of light. With that plaintive tune wrapping its coils around the emotions and trying to squeeze the essence of them until they are all but dead, they stay alive enough to let it be known that unseen pain is as real as any injury. How we want to escape that even though we know we are alive just because that pain present! You’ve done it again, Sir. Fantastic stories and Beautiful shots, Florian–you make them work so well together.

  4. lasiate sagt:

    un beau B&W bien cadré

  5. Uwe sagt:

    Nur einsame Herzen singen so innig, dass jedes Zuhören zu einem Akt des Gebets wird.
    Gruß, Uwe

  6. Francis J sagt:

    There is Eleni Mandell in the center of the frame (and likely the stage) and there is also one spectator, the only one we can see from the audience, two loneliness in a small space, and a strong connection between them for some minutes, one hour and a little bit more maybe.

    And there is the second picture, less explicit, like a possible follow-up of the first frame. Something offered to our imagination. Something opened to stories we can dream of.

    A great work, Florian, with its deep blacks from which surge meaningful signs of life.

  7. duke sagt:

    Deux très jolis photos, bravo Fritsch !

  8. Elaine- sagt:

    what would you do without music my dear? your pictures would have no sound…. surely you can’t be lonely with all of us loving you here…. or maybe we are all lonely hearts in the middle of a crowd… stuck inside the jail of flesh and bone… we trust a God we can’t feel…. that’s not true, i can feel Him. and i can feel you

  9. ay, two fantastich shots, buddy!

    the first one a great example of how framing and composition can tell a story of how music – your light – connects the performer and the spectator/listener. just marvellous….

    the other one more abstract – and beautiful, like music itself is abstract beauty …..

    great work, pal – keep it up!

    hope you’ve had a great Easter, by the way!


  10. Sofasophia sagt:

    bild und musik einmal mehr ein unglaublich unter die haut gehendes paket …
    elenis stimme – hammer!

    liebgrüß, soso

  11. Jerome sagt:

    The moon shines on a wide open black sea, the light casts a bright white shape, like a lantern floating in the middle of the dark water. And so the sound gently illuminates the dark stretches around

  12. rian sagt:

    these are really nice concert shots, love the mood..

  13. DomLortha sagt:

    Music and abstract… Love the both picture, always shown with a great talent of composition.
    Have a nice day.

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