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way down that old suburban road

© Silobad, Frankfurt-Hoechst 2012 by Fritsch

Oh, when you feel left out / I know what that’s all about / Wanna get left out with you / All alone / Walk home / Way down that old suburban road / You took me by surprise with that sweet look in your eyes tonight (Langhorne Slim)

posted: September 30, 2012
under: black & white, Im Herzen von Europa, pictures
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14 Responses to “way down that old suburban road”

  1. l'Oeil Libre sagt:

    vos noirs sont très trnchés, esT ce le crépuscule ou l’aube?
    Quoi qu’il en soit the darkness is so elegant on photography.


  2. l'Oeil Libre sagt:

    vos noirs sont très tranchés, est ce le crépuscule ou l’aube?
    Quoi qu’il en soit the darkness is so elegant on photography

  3. Maarten sagt:

    this image somehow has a „russian“/eastern-europe feeling to me…

  4. Elaine- sagt:

    oh gosh this is sooooo cool.. would not have been near as drop dead gorgeous if it was taken during any other time of day… that sign blocks the light in a perfect way for your camera to paint it’s light picture… light and shadow, both of equal importance in our world, and how beautiful our world is, how lovely to share it with you baby.

  5. Jerome sagt:

    oh yes, be it dawn or dusk, I want to be left out, out there where the sun draws such stark and beautiful pictures

  6. rian sagt:

    really cool how you nailed the exposure on the sign, love this! :)

  7. ay, Fritsch – now this frame is pure magic, this frame is reality transformed, this frame is you at your very best, buddy!

    keep it up!


  8. sherri sagt:

    the letters in the sky like that are remarkable. i see why you captured this.

  9. Phil Vaughn sagt:

    Striking. It’s interesting how the sign simply dominates the picture by being a strong silhouette. Even the architecture takes second place to it. Maybe that’s the way of life; an important thing is overlooked or neglected because a label or simple characteristic claims all the attention. Or maybe I just need some caffeine so I can wake up. At any rate, this photo has character befitting your work.

  10. Ivy Tavia C. sagt:

    (HA!) Right-On-Time… how charming is that?! Hmm… charming slingshot Florian! „Graphical ART“ that’s what happening in October hahhhahaha… well mostly – Good framing work.

  11. Uwe sagt:

    Was für eine grandiose Silhouette.
    Eine Lichtzeichnung, ein Schattenriss.
    Und der Schriftzug als Versprechen:
    Es kommt die Zeit, da wir baden werden.
    Gruß, Uwe

  12. The art of focusing on the details … Florian is!

  13. Francis J sagt:

    I’m coming back to this picture and once again I see the profile of an eagle’s head, with a small prey in its beak, designed by the silhouette of this construction. Am I the only one to see that bird? Is it a personal obsession?
    Anyway there is another reading to make: looking at the line that separates the dark bottom of the picture and the sky. And that’s the strength of your composition, Florian. And that’s what matters much more than any interpretation.

  14. Dorothee sagt:

    Great angle!
    Silobad, that’s the one in Frankfurt, right?
    Da war ich diese Woche :) – didn’t know about Silobad before, though. here’s my Frankfurt in motion moment:

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