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somewhere along the way it all stands still

© Hvide Sande, Denmark 2012 by Fritsch

You may be quite sure you know where you’re going / But sooner or later you’re out of the picture / Too many lost names, too many rules to the game / Better find a focus or you’re out of the picture / And somewhere along the way the clock runs out / Somewhere along the way it all stands still (Son Volt)

posted: Juli 22, 2012
under: black & white, pictures
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6 Responses to “somewhere along the way it all stands still”

  1. Francis J sagt:

    Not working with the thirds is one of your marks, Florian. Here again, the pole occupies the middle of the frame and divides the sky in two equal parts, clouds on the left side, blue sky on the right side. A blue made of black and white, which is also your mark.
    And the strangest thing: an antenna like for supporting a light bulb… An antenna for letting us know you’re comunicating with us, a light bulb for offering us a bright vision of your very special world.

  2. Marcie sagt:

    Oh..I can so relate to the lyrics! And what a great image!!!

  3. Elaine- sagt:

    every man has his own clock, tick tock, he may rise with the sun and set with the moon, tick tock… but alas, we need each other, my friend, but for the shock of love, to set our hearts beating again… don’t take me out of the picture :)

  4. Phil Vaughn sagt:

    I like the entire dichotomy of this photo. One side is light, the other is dark, and the dividing point–the tower–has conveniently provided a light for that dark side. It seems that we have the means to find our way in either extreme. We have a destination and we follow it in times of clarity or confusion. Still, we need the focus of who we are and what we are doing. It may be all we really have.
    This is an intriguing study.

  5. Roland Theys sagt:

    Wonderful work! i like Electri shot!

  6. Jerome sagt:

    Funny how the light is turned to shadows, and the brightness is behind. Like a man’s clouded thoughts sometimes

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