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leaving the valley & fucking out of sight

© Hotel Miranda, Weimar 2011 by Fritsch

Leaving the valley and fucking out of sight / I’ll go back to cali where I can sleep out every night / And watch the waves and move the fader / Queen of fakes and Imitators / Times the revelator (Gillian Welch)

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posted: Juni 24, 2012
under: black & white, pictures
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10 Responses to “leaving the valley & fucking out of sight”

  1. „Now each visitor shall confess
    The sad valley’s restlessness.
    Nothing there is motionless-
    Nothing save the airs that brood
    Over the magic solitude.“ [Edgar Allen Poe]

    I knew a girl named Miranda once

  2. Uwe sagt:

    Prosperierend erscheint mir dieses Hotel nicht mehr, und doch erinnerte es mich aufgrund seines Namens, Miranda, an Prospero aus Skakespeares „Sturm“, der in diesem Stück die vielzitierten und immer wieder bedenkenswerten Verse spricht:
    „Wir sind aus solchem Stoff wie Träume sind, und unser kleines Leben ist von einem Schlaf umringt.“
    Gruß, Uwe

  3. Elaine- sagt:

    we shall meet at the hotel miranda and get up to taking no good pictures of all her peeling walls, aaaah bliss! will be better than sex! hehe

  4. DomLortha sagt:

    Lonely man on the steps, leaving the hotel, waiting for a taxi… A kind of sadness in this picture: the sadness of the end of the travel. I like it!
    Have a nice day.

  5. ay, Fritsch – what a great shot! the crumbling beauty of the Miranda, the lonely traveller on the steps – waiting for someone or something to come along ….

    great shot, buddy!

    („miranda“ means „elevated place with an extensive outlook“ in Spanish, btw ….)


  6. Francis J sagt:

    Now a famous Hotel Miranda, thanks to you Florian, along with these other hotels, Hôtel du Nord, Hotel California and, surely, the hotel that Bagdad Café could have been if…
    And the story of this lonely traveller waiting for someone or something like Captain K said. A famous story, for sure.
    And, you know, my friend, that these fames don’t need to work for the middle of the road. Elective affinities, that’s what matters…
    But back to this hotel, to the stories each room keeps secretly, to the people who have been sleeping there, loving there, argueing there… I can’t stop imagining. And remembering. Cause imagination comes from our memories.
    So rich: a true gem!

  7. CrashRyan sagt:

    does the room come with a complimentary rat trap !??!

  8. Jerome sagt:

    There’s nothing like summer light, even with that lonesomeness of travel as one leaves the valley, those lines…leading up, in and out of sight

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