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my mind got to ramblin‘, like a wild geese

© S., Berlin 2012 by Fritsch

I laid down last night, laid down last night / I laid down last night, tried to take my rest / My mind got to ramblin‘, like a wild geese / From the west, from the west (Skip James)

posted: März 18, 2012
under: black & white, pictures, woman
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12 Responses to “my mind got to ramblin‘, like a wild geese”

  1. ay, Fritsch!

    concrete and abstract at the same time – it doesn’t matter if you shoot highway bridges or nudes, you manage to break through, every time! love it!

    keep it up!


  2. rian sagt:

    smooth lines and shapes.. great catch.. ;)

  3. Uwe sagt:

    Die Nude-Serie ist wunderbar. Ein origineller Blick, der das Objekt niemals verrät oder diffamiert, sondern eher aufwertet und einer vieldeutigen Lektüre überantwortet. Erogene Zonen, Körperarchitekturen, Gliederlandschaften, sinnliche Oberflächen – der menschliche Akt als nahezu abstrakte paysage intime. Liebe Grüße, Uwe

  4. walter sagt:

    Wunderbar Florian, diese erfrischende andere Sicht auf einen menschlichen Körper, passt wirklich wunderbar zum Frühling, erinnert mich optisch auch an eine dieser Blüten der Magnolia, denn der Duft der Magnolienblüte wirkt primär auf die Psyche und durch das Aroma werden die Sinne angeregt, es lösen sich festgefahrene Gefühle, das Herz wird geöffnet, um positive Energien aufzunehmen. Es beruhigt die Nerven und beflügelt die Fantasie. Es ist ein idealer Duft für kreatives Arbeiten und künstlerisches Schaffen und genauso beflügelt deine Aufnahme alle Sinne.

  5. Phil Vaughn sagt:

    Florian, it is intriguing to observe your new „direction“ with each photo in this series. You have always used the darker colors (blacks and whites) relentlessly in depicting your thoughts. The photos of architecture or observances of people showed that introspective side of your mind very well. With this new series, the new focus and involvements you experience are coming through. Your statement now isn’t subtle, but it is emphatic. You have found a new world for yourself. You are daring in your presentation of it.
    Best regards.

  6. Elaine- sagt:

    oh Florian, you have gone away from me lolol i guess my absence drove you into the arms of anoter, alas!

  7. Francis J sagt:

    Smooth hills and valleys, almost without vegetation. However, this is no desert, this is some new fecund universe, some new fertile ground. And we are here closer to the origin, closer to the origin of the world, of our world.
    Your point of view, Florian, is clearly personal, in all its meanings. And universal, too. And, picture after picture, this series shows the strong coherence of your purpose. Let us go further with you!

  8. Jerome sagt:

    I think captain K summed it up well, concrete and abstract at the same time. Nothing is out of your reach my friend !

  9. You do nude photography like I haven’t seen before…and to be honest, I’m not a fan of the particular genre, simply because, well, it somehow always seems somewhat contrived – of course there are exceptions (Hido’s ‚Fragmented Narratives‘ springs to mind). But, you do it differently, when I look at these I don’t really notice the nude aspect – or rather I notice it in a different context – I see and feel it more as a metaphor for travelling, I see destinations been, and I see intended destinations. And for me that is what makes these absolutely superb…Well done my friend, well done on truly remarkable work.

  10. Ivy Tavia C. sagt:

    I’m surprised at how much „ART S E N S E“ you can tease out of the „fish-out-of-water“ premise (HA! if you know what I meant Florian…) – There’s plenty of love… charming theme-series!

  11. Beve sagt:

    das bild ensteht im kopf, hier ist die einleitung, der beginn, die berührung.

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