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through the wind, through the rain, the snow

© Alexanderplatz, Berlin 2011 by Fritsch

There’s machines and there’s fire waiting on the edge of town / They’re out there for hire but baby they can’t hurt us now / Cause tonight, tell you babe you’ve got, you’ve got, you’ve got my love, you’ve got my love girl / Through the wind, through the rain, the snow, the snow, the wind, the rain you’ve got, you’ve got my, my love (Bruce Springsteen)

posted: Januar 22, 2012
under: black & white, pictures
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18 Responses to “through the wind, through the rain, the snow”

  1. Aurore sagt:

    Beautiful light in the night ! So well framed !

  2. walter sagt:

    Lassen sie sich verführen und gewinnen sie flauschige, warme Viecher für kalte Hände und für Verliebte in jeder Grösse und in allen Formen, denn wenn es Nacht wird, schenken sie ihrer Liebsten was kuschliges zum Knuddeln, so vermarktet die Dame hinter dem Marktstand zu hunderten von dahinschlendernden Menschen ihre Ware … dazu erhellen tausende von Lichtern das Dunkle und das Riesenrad dreht sich in schwarzer Nacht, ein Bild voller Lebenfreude und Lebenslust.

  3. Krunal sagt:

    love the light here, superb shot

  4. Marcie sagt:

    So much going on here..what a wonderful image. Terrific light!

  5. And that’s the thing about Springsteen, he breaks life down to the basics so well, he truly is the working man’s poet, and for that I adore him…

    Another superb shot, brother, the woman’s smile, joy and light surrounding her, possibilities and dreams everywhere to be found. It’s such an uplifting shot, but because it’s in shadowy b&w there’s this hint of darkness about it, illustrating the temporary nature of things, and while the shot is essentially joyful, it still reminds you of the fleeting nature of the world…Superb stuff, man.

  6. Luis sagt:

    Good light and plenty of detail with smooth tonality. My kind of photo, indeed.

  7. Uwe sagt:

    Für mich ist es, jenseits des anekdotischen Gehalts der Szenerie, eine Studie in Grauwerten: was für feine Nuancen zwischen Schwarz, Silbergrau und Weiß, was für tonale Differenzen, in denen sich das Sichtbare fast ins Ornamentale wandelt. LG, Uwe

  8. Francis J sagt:

    Stallholder at the fairground, fairground and fairy tales, fairy tales and monsters, adult monsters and little children and so on… What is this picture talking about? To me, it’s talking about our little world, talking of our loneliness among the daily crowds, of our simple soul against the crazy roaring people around. But there are also the eyes looking there for some hope, some warm feeling, looking for someone special, a friend or a lover, one night’s lover or an unlikely eternal one. Well, my friend Florian, you broke my heart with this dark bright gem!

  9. DomLOrtha sagt:

    That’s a great shot!! LOve the light and the deep black all around. Fantastic rendering of the mood and perfect frame! A jewel in BW.
    Have a nice day.

  10. Roland Theys sagt:

    The fun fairs have a certain atmosphere and your photograph does it well!

  11. ay, Fritsch, the light is great, the contrast is great, the framing is great and the motive is great – fun fairs are …. places of magic and mysteries, and basically that’s what photography is really all about: light, contrast, framing, motive, magic and mystery.

    good work!


  12. I am a huge fan of black and white carney shots and this one is right up there with my favourite feeling of the fair. Great with all these details and the ferris wheel in the background. Love love love!

  13. Jerome sagt:

    Another one from the circus ! I love these, they’re so close yet with that special distance you take, you have to make a series of this

  14. elaine sagt:

    Love this shot! you have captured a mood with great mastering indeed

  15. Turnbill sagt:

    She’s drowning in a sea of stuffed animals! And the lights!

  16. Beve sagt:

    springsteen, jahrmarkt, riesenrad und die tiefschwarzbunten lichter – es ist ein film. ein feiner film, womöglich ohne happy end.

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