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gone before the next dance ends

© Landgut A. Borsig, Groß Behnitz 2011 by Fritsch

Oh! Every night I’m dreaming of you / We’re weaving through a crowded room / I ask you to be my best friend too / And then I lose you / On a steamer with a small-city band / I chase you through the room again / And you’re gone before the next dance ends / I don’t know what it means (M. Ward)

posted: November 9, 2011
under: black & white, pictures
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12 Responses to “gone before the next dance ends”

  1. Theys Roland sagt:

    Hello, here we have three different and quite detailed, good contrast and beautiful texture visual angle,bravo Florian

  2. A comparison of materials. Visual harmony and a delight monochrome, my friend.

  3. rian sagt:

    reminds me of a kid’s „timeout corner“.. love the textures and lines you captured here though.. nice shot!

  4. just an empty corner, but so full of life

  5. Turnbill sagt:

    Where the wood meets the wall. A corner to curl up in?

  6. DomLOrtha sagt:

    There’s something threatening me in this picture! This empty corner with wall in bricks makes me think that something bad happened here. Great BW, as always!
    Have a nice day.

  7. walter sagt:

    Nur wenn wir die Augen für das Alltägliche öffnen, erkennen wir die wahren Schönheiten, ein vermeintlich leerer Raum mit Backsteinmauern und blank geputzten Bodenplanken die dennoch vom Leben erzählen und voller leben sind.

  8. Marcie sagt:

    Yes – such a wonderful feeling of desolation and loneliness. Well put together!

  9. aptass sagt:

    Many people will see this and think the object of our admiration is hidden in plain sight. Clever photo.

  10. Stein. Holz. Glatt. Rauh. Spitz. Schräg. Geometrisch. Verwinkelt. Spröde. Abgeblättert. Senkrecht. Waagrecht. Widerborstig. Stark. Fest. Trutzig. Gebraucht. Verwittert. Kratzig, Aufgeschürft. Gezeichnet. Unregelmäßig. Gemasert.Blank. Aufgeräumt. Hell. Dunkel. Kalt. Fern. Nah. Außen. Innen. Wie gewachsen. Ebenmäßig. Versetzt. Bröckelnd. Geschliffen. Schroff. Gelebt. Verlassen. Ritzen. Bohlen. Bretter. Linien. Flächen. Zwischenräume. Spuren. Kerben. Licht. Winkel. Schutz. Enge. Leere. Einsamkeit. Stille.

  11. sherri sagt:

    a fine richness in the old flooring and bricks. nice pairing of image and words. feels like someone left all alone at a dance.

  12. Francis sagt:

    A cube like a jail. A door definetely shut. And the eye, our eye caught there with no way to escape. No soul mate, no animal mate. Just the rawness of the materials. And the mind, our mind caught with only one way to escape: dreaming. But the cube stands in a bigger cube, and the bigger cube inside a bigger one, and so on. A bad dream. Truly. Our destiny.
    A great mathematical / philosophical approach of our human condition, Florian.

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