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I know the soul needs wine and kindness

© PMU Niort, Frankreich 2011 by Fritsch

Start out early in the morning / They get up way before the sun / With flowin lights the city bustles / It truly grins for everyone (My Morning Jacket)

posted: August 10, 2011
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13 Responses to “I know the soul needs wine and kindness”

  1. aptass sagt:

    I like how the frame is cut off, feels fresh

  2. Otto K. sagt:

    nice framing! effective result.

  3. sherri sagt:

    i’m guessing that’s the table umbrella. i like the mystery.

  4. Amazing composition! And, like no, great contrast and BW! Congrats my friend!

  5. Beverungen sagt:

    irgendwo da draußen muss es ein leben geben.

    dank und gruß


  6. Francis sagt:

    Not easy to dare making such a composition, my friend. But you dared and you were right, it’s working.
    The table and the chairs look like they are waiting for the first clients, those who take a coffee in the street before working. And there are also those who go directly to the office like these girls walking, whose legs tell us stories. Are they late, what did they do last night?
    And it’s raining, which gives a special light to this morning beauty.
    I’ve never been to „le bar PMU de Niort“ but i know so many others in my dear old country that this PMU looks very familiar to me, Florian.
    Thanks for bringing me this special „saudade“ as we say here in Brazil.

  7. grant sagt:

    pow! this is great!

  8. Elaine- sagt:

    i want to crawl under and out… i don’t know about wine, but definitely kindness… i was reading an article about lack of ’niceness‘ in coworkers and family makes your chances of an early death 4 times as much…. that’s why mean people are mean, they are trying to kill you… so be nice to me baby, and keep taking nice pictures :)

  9. Jerome sagt:

    This is so good I’m lost for words, it’s so close to perfection in every way. Reminds me of a great picture by Saul Leiter, excellent stuff

  10. Phil Vaughn sagt:

    Just like the opening of every day. All the things that are being revealed that we can, will, and should do. All waiting…and we get to choose. If we even want to. Very poetic, Fritsch.
    „…To all your days I wish you blindness
    From all the evils in the world.“ ~~My Morning Jacket

  11. DomLOrtha sagt:

    Audacious shot, but it works! So, good shot!
    have a nice day.

  12. As a lid that opens smoothly on the spectacle of the street… Magnifique.

  13. As a lid that opens smoothly on the spectacle of the street.

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