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you got to walk that lonesome valley

© Airport CDG, Paris 2011 by Fritsch

You got to walk that lonesome valley / Well, you got to walk it for yourself / Ain’t nobody else can walk it for you / You got to walk that valley for yourself (Mississippi John Hurt)

posted: August 7, 2011
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13 Responses to “you got to walk that lonesome valley”

  1. frankdejol sagt:

    Excellent street scene.

  2. Otto K. sagt:

    a moment captured with a strong story being told.

  3. Marcie sagt:

    Perfect words for this candid street scene. So evocative and nostalgic!

  4. aptass sagt:

    feels like a frame ripped from a movie.

  5. Francis sagt:

    Roissy 2, les cars Air France, an airport shuttle, a scene i’m used to, each time i come back from Brazil to France. And some little confusion when all people want to get inside the bus in a hurry. A street scene you captured brilliantly, Florian.

  6. sherri sagt:

    i particularly like the hat

  7. AR sagt:

    It´s so true, but walk the valley with style (or a lovely hat). Awesome! Thank you.

  8. Luis sagt:

    Like the mystery going on here. Almost a cloak and dagger feel to it.

  9. Beverungen sagt:

    der busfahrer erzählt die geschichte, von tausenden von fahrten, die nie über den airport hinaus gingen.

  10. grant sagt:

    they guy in the hat, and maybe the situation, reminds me of van morrison. a fine shot.

  11. theysroland sagt:

    Excellent scene good shot!

  12. Jerome sagt:

    Oh so good, such a mysterious figure, love that hat

  13. DomLOrtha sagt:

    Time for arriving or departure? Hope it was a departure! NIce one.
    Have a nice day.

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