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he can be my little boy, I’ll be his girl

© Smile, Berlin 2011 by Fritsch

Going to let my chauffeur / Going to let my chauffeur / Drive me around the / Drive me around the world / Then he can be my little boy / Yes, I’ll be his girl (Lucinda Williams)

posted: Juni 26, 2011
under: black & white, pictures
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16 Responses to “he can be my little boy, I’ll be his girl”

  1. rhys sagt:

    Cool Fritsch, I can imagine a riotous street party down below, you have me wondering what we are missing, there is just enough information to feed my imagination

  2. more and more I see people sneeking into your pics. Your photography is evolving.
    Gret shot

  3. Otto K. sagt:

    makes me wonder what they are looking at. definitely tells a story, nice!

  4. Anne V. sagt:

    You could write a novel just with this picture. Great.

  5. Jerome sagt:

    Good atmosphere here and plenty of storytelling

  6. minimodi sagt:

    very interesting frame Fritsch! I like the composition and all elements/subjects in it.

  7. rian sagt:

    it’s cool how you framed that little kid down there with the crowd watching from the windows.. quite a cheery scene.. nice capture.. :)

  8. theysroland sagt:

    A great image.Fritsch. i like.

  9. Elaine- sagt:

    yes yes, drive me baby yeah!!!! oh boy that sounded naughty!!! this is a very interesting image, makes me wonder what’s happening there that day to have people hanging out their windows.. and i imagine the little girl up front to be on her father’s shoulders, must be parade day!!! it’s a very joyous shot, my friend…. a fave for sure!!!

  10. DomLOrtha sagt:

    Clever composition! Nice BW too.
    Have a nice day.

  11. Phil Vaughn sagt:

    And boys will be boys, and girls will be girls…and they will chase each other and until they are caught–then they will chase another one. Great photo full of possible stories. The smile on the little girl’s face is enigmatic.

  12. sherri sagt:

    strange to see so many people in the windows

  13. rotundschwarz sagt:

    Wir alle sind Zuschauer und warten auf das, was so vorbeikommt, und ob es uns dieses Mal vielleicht mitnimmt. Ein entspanntes Bild, voller Sehnsucht und Melancholie. Drive me, drive me all over the world.

    Ich liebe Lucinda Williams.


  14. Luis sagt:

    An uncanny atmosphere fomented by the negative space around the smiling girl cropped at the neck; works very well indeed. Beautifully executed work, Fritsch.

  15. Beve sagt:

    vielleicht sitzt sie eines tages selbst im fenster – und sieht sich. lächelnd.

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