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on the corner with the lowdown blues

© Tattoo, Berlin 2011 by Fritsch

Standing on the corner with the lowdown blues / A great big hole in the bottom of my shoes / Honey let me be your salty dog / Let me be your salty dog / Or I won’t be your man at all / Honey let me be your salty dog (Flatt & Scruggs)

posted: Juni 19, 2011
under: black & white, pictures
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25 Responses to “on the corner with the lowdown blues”

  1. My friend you are a great photographer! This is spectacular!

  2. Otto K. sagt:

    intense image, well done!

  3. Marcie sagt:

    What an incredible scene! And – I love your chosen accompanying lyrics. Perfect!

  4. Anne V. sagt:

    The lyrics and picture are so great together. Well done !

  5. rian sagt:

    if he’s looking for a freaked out reaction, i guess he’s successful, coz‘ i’m freaked out here.. :D nice catch! :D

  6. Luis sagt:

    Mean black and white –in content and finish. Overwhelming individual. His nose was transformed too?

  7. Terrible photo. Elle est limite dérangeante. Une oeuvre d’art vivante… ;-)

  8. elfe sagt:

    cool man
    perfect with this title

  9. dustin sagt:

    My grandfather actually played music with Earl Scruggs a couple of times.

    Anyway,love the photo. It’s a world where everyone’s obsessed with dynamic range, but a lot of people have forgotten that light and shadow gives a photo soul.

  10. theysroland sagt:

    Good photo,intense shot!

  11. John Angulat sagt:

    One scary dude…
    One great image!
    btw – looks like Liam Neeson in the b/g left :)

  12. Phil Vaughn sagt:

    What a subject! „All the world’s a stage…“ I wonder what he thinks of all the strange folks who are looking at him?

  13. Elaine- sagt:

    oh gosh hahaha he looks like alternate universe max headroom lolol what a freak show you caught there, amazing picture, a festival for the eyes, why don’t you take a self portrait my dear? so i can feast my eyes on YOU :)

  14. t. becque sagt:

    I like the dark and moody tone to this photo, what a great subject to photograph too.

  15. grant sagt:

    damn…i’m speechless!

  16. It’s the right corner that intrigues me the most. Is it a finger, a shoulder, something else?
    I envy your bold use of contrasts

  17. Aurore sagt:

    A great catch !! I love his eyes in your direction, his attitude… wonderful impact.

  18. PixeLuz sagt:

    Such a creature! So unreal! Makes me mute, my friend.

  19. Beverungen sagt:

    freaks. nur bei einigen sieht man es auf den ersten blick – andere sind innen tätowiert.

    viele grüße


  20. Now that looks like a wild man!

  21. elaine sagt:

    what a wonderful portrait with a stunning b&w quality to it!!

  22. rhys sagt:

    what a find, what a catch. Thank you!

  23. minimodi sagt:

    quite a character. good contrast.

  24. Yteewt sagt:

    Tatoo man… OUahouuuuu

  25. DomLOrtha sagt:

    Wow! The tattooman! He looks so proud of his artistic skin! Nice shot!!
    Have a nice day.

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