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smokin‘ cigarettes & drinkin‘ coffee blues

© Parts of my personality are just relentless 2011 by Fritsch

I guess I’ll take a walk tonight, I know that I can’t sleep / And I don’t go to bed at all, I just lay there and weep / Instead I’ll make our favorite spot, that’s what I think I’ll do / I’ve got those smokin‘ cigarettes and drinkin‘ coffee blues (Lefty Frizzell)

posted: Februar 27, 2011
under: black & white, pictures
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22 Responses to “smokin‘ cigarettes & drinkin‘ coffee blues”

  1. frankdejol sagt:

    Excellent shot, but I prefer strong tea ;-)

  2. Turnbill sagt:

    They’re both bad for you, but they do make an excellent photograph!

  3. Anna sagt:

    This picture is my cup of tea, even though I prefer coffee.

    Bad things.
    Most things are good, if we wouldn’t get so greedy, …

  4. joe sagt:

    Sehr schön ist die Einfachheit. Sie macht hier das Bild & die Stimmung.

  5. Otto K. sagt:

    beautiful still life. excellent light and tones.

  6. Marcie sagt:

    Gorgeous light. Such a lovely image when rendered in simple black and white.

  7. Great title for a great photo and gorgeous use of light. You are a master!

  8. Anne V. sagt:

    Coffee addict ? Nice.

  9. theysroland sagt:

    A beautiful distribution of light, would be you smokers, beautiful photo!

    A new site for the color which I test.

  10. PixeLuz sagt:

    A fine work on shadows and lights. And an atmosphere fitting my feeling after two nights wihtout sleeping because of Vitória’s Carnival !
    One of these quiet moments we all need, Forian, after some crazyness…

  11. rotundschwarz sagt:

    Oh. Lefty Frizzell!…Jimmie Rodgers, Hank Williams. Und: Merle Haggard – ich glaub Lefty Frizzell ist sein persönlicher Hero… eine ganze Welt von Assoziationen und Bilderketten…staubige Straßen, Motels, Coffee-Shops, weites Land… zerbrochene Träume…blue, so blue…

    Wunderbares Fotos, wunderbar collagiert. Danke schön!

  12. minimodi sagt:

    reminds me of the movie ‚coffee and cigarettes‘ (with Tom Waits and Iggy Pop among others)

  13. walter sagt:

    Das gute, alte Zippo, das Sturmfeuerzeug mit dem typisch eingeprägten Markenlogo auf der Unterseite (nur dann echt!) ein „must“ für jeden Rauch- und Kaffegeniesser ;-)
    Ein stilles Bild, ohne Schall und Rauch, dass aber sehr viel über den Fotografen und seine Vorlieben erzählt.

  14. Elaine- sagt:

    we have the same zippo, slightly rounded corners, aged steel, or maybe aluminum, i love that lighter, but i don’t use it anymore, one of the casualties of quitting smoking, but i won’t quit you, i don’t even quit trying to comment on your site when it won’t let me lol… Otto K has a little check box that you check if you’re not a bot, *hint hint* :) i hope you have a good week baby, not too much coffee and cigs, lovely pic by the way, almost forgot to say that


  15. Linda sagt:

    Might just as well be the start of day (without lack of sleep, but the need to wake up!). Stunning image!

  16. Beverungen sagt:

    Neid. Zweifellos gesund. Aber Neid.

    Viele Grüße


  17. DomLortha sagt:

    Excellent shot, with a perfect used of light! I love this BW, and the subject: a good cigarette and a coffee!
    Have a nice day.

  18. elaine sagt:

    feel like i m in a Jim Jarmush’s movie :)

  19. Luis sagt:

    Noir to the max. The light and shadow and how the fall on and fall off the objects makes for very appealing imagery. Nice shooting, Fritsch.

  20. I was going to say exactly what Elaine said. The second Elaine, that is.

  21. A beautiful black and white. A subtle play of shadows and well done. Superb, Fritsch.

  22. Ivy Tavia C. sagt:

    Oooh yeah „strong coffee & cigarettes“ (hahhhahaha.. opps hahahaha) „JUST SO YA!“ – A lovely depiction:)

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