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don’t have to run, don’t have to hide

© Elbe, Hamburg 2009 by Fritsch

Well you don’t have to stay inside / Don’t have to run, don’t have to hide / Come dry your eyes / You know you can always change your mind / Maybe I will too in time / Once we understand / No one understands at all (Yo La Tengo)

posted: Januar 12, 2011
under: black & white, pictures
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13 Responses to “don’t have to run, don’t have to hide”

  1. Very strong contrast for a great composition! I like!

  2. Otto K. sagt:

    excellent composition. really like this result.

  3. PixeLuz sagt:

    Tensed lines for this boat, tensed lines for our lives… Impossible to escape. But as says the song „Once we understand / No one understands at all“…

  4. Luis sagt:

    Cool, very rich black and white work, Fritsch. Especially like what’s going on with the water.

    Cool song…thanks for the link and good listen.

  5. Un contraste et un cadrage parfaits.
    L’eau noir apporte une très jolie texture.
    C’est bien vu…

  6. sherri sagt:

    Terrific intersecting going on in this one. I like the glinting of the sun on the water too.

  7. kyungmee sagt:

    beautiful composition and BW Image!

  8. rhys sagt:

    I like the fact that I did not immediately recognise the shapes and structures as boats. A super piece of semi-abstraction Mr Fritsch!

  9. Elaine- sagt:

    i don’t want to change my mind, if i finally understood something that made me want to, i would assume it was wrong… how can you be jealous of my B&Ws when your’s are so perfect without trickery, like this picture, so rich and full of depth, so beautiful :)

  10. terrorkitten sagt:

    The lines in this oddly make it abstract – nicely spotted!

  11. theysroland sagt:

    A quite beautiful composition, good photo!

  12. DomLortha sagt:

    Very complex game of lines, which created an unusual composition. Well seen!
    Have a nice day.

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