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death don’t have no mercy in this land

© Leaves, Berlin 2010 by Fritsch

Y‘ know death don’t have no mercy in this land / Death don’t have no mercy in this land in this land / Come to your house, you know he won’t stay long / You look in the bed and somebody be gone / Death don’t have no mercy in this land (Rev. Gary Davis)

posted: November 24, 2010
under: black & white, pictures
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12 Responses to “death don’t have no mercy in this land”

  1. walter sagt:

    Der Tod das ist die kühle Nacht,
    Das Leben ist der schwüle Tag.
    Es dunkelt schon, mich schläfert,
    Der Tag hat mich müd gemacht.

    Über mein Bett erhebt sich ein Baum,
    Drin singt die junge Nachtigall;
    Sie singt von lauter Liebe,
    Ich hör es sogar im Traum.
    Heinrich Heine

  2. Anne V. sagt:

    You’ve nearly made me cry…

  3. Elaine- sagt:

    it makes me feel sad for each and every leaf lying on the ground… is there no God for leaves? ok i won’t give it up, if only for you… i just wish there was something different that i could do, the equivalent of cutting off all my hair when my mom died… sometimes switching up my theme a bit isn’t enuff… but at least i have that ability with squarespace… take me away, Florian, photographically speaking of course :) take me to a better place where nothing bad ever happens…

  4. Luis sagt:

    It does not have mercy, anywhere…

    Wonderful seeing and execution. Sorry for the lack of words and my banal collection of comments when I do have them, but when I like something it’s becuase it struck a chord in me, and this certainly did.

  5. PixeLuz sagt:

    The point of view looks strange to me, as if you were getting out of a funerary monument. Maybe that’s because i’m more and more obsessed by death…

  6. Otto K. sagt:

    such a lovely B&W. almost an emotional image.

  7. kris sagt:

    life is black and white, dead and life all around, perhaps we are grey searching for the good balance between two world? sometime in front of our door, all is black and like automn leaves, everything seems to be down, but everything is a cycle and after the winter come spring! thanks for sharing, keep going, Kris.

  8. rhys sagt:

    the V composition works really well, a visual treat!

  9. Phil Vaughn sagt:

    A great symbolic photo. We certainly are locked into the process of life and death, that’s true. But the other side of that coin is life itself and the good reminder that „ faith, hope, and love remain–these three.“

    A sobering photo. Thank you, Florian.

  10. a.h.lex sagt:

    ein bewegendes Photo zu einem bewegendem Titel. Gute Komposition!

  11. Beverungen sagt:

    irgenwann saß jemand dort und dachte sich etwas. verweht.

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