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no place for the weary kind

© Nordsee / North Sea 2010 by Fritsch

And this ain’t no place for the weary kind / And this ain’t no place to lose your mind / And this ain’t no place to fall behind / Pick up your crazy heart and give it one more try (Ryan Bingham)

posted: März 31, 2010
under: black & white, pictures, rural sketches
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12 Responses to “no place for the weary kind”

  1. Otto K. sagt:

    I really like this composition. Very effective image.

  2. Polydactyle sagt:

    excellent minimalism,

  3. Luis sagt:

    Yet it invites the weary kind to take a dive to serenity. Spot on composition.

  4. rotundschwarz sagt:

    Es geht immer weiter, fragt sich nur wohin.

    Fragil, melancholisch, schwebend…. und ganz von der Stimmung abgesehen: Was für ein wunderbar komponiertes Bild, dem man in jedem Detail nachgehen kann – vollkommen symmetrisch, die Mitte der Treppe als Achse, sogar die beiden Grasbüschel links und rechts im Vordergrund entsprechen einander. Und dann diese kleinen Verschiebungen, die das Motiv brechen… der Schatten des Geländers, die ziehenden Wolken… Wunderbar!

  5. rhys sagt:

    I like the sense of isolation. What lies beyond the steps? Who knows.

  6. Elaine- sagt:

    yes, that would hurt walking up those steps if you were in pain, heck, it would hurt walking TO the steps, no place to lose your mind either, who knows if anybody is around to take you to the hospital… it’s not good to be alone, better to have two walking together, for if one falls the other can pick him up…. beautiful Image my friend, and great choice of lyrics… i looooove it

  7. david sagt:

    nicely framed. and somehow full of loss and yearning even without anything to point in that direction.

  8. A perfect symmetrical composition & great black and white. The shadow on the railing completes this image.

  9. Kamal sagt:

    Great framing. Seems like the stairs are heading straight into the water. :-) I really like the details – the shrubs on both sides at the bottom. Well done Fritsch!

  10. Turnbill sagt:

    Stairs to the North Sea? A minimalist landscape to be sure.

  11. Ivy sagt:

    I like the minimalistic quality – Great vision!

  12. Such loneliness and a sense of foreboding. There is a sad tale to tell here…excellent photo!

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