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world drifts in

© Balcony Cinema "Babylon" Berlin 2009 by Fritsch

Love the run but not the race / All alone in a silent way / World drifts in and the world’s a stranger / In a light, eclipsed and alienated / In a time, occupied and invaded / Can’t tell what’s right, better hit the ground running (Calexico)

posted: März 17, 2010
under: black & white, pictures
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10 Responses to “world drifts in”

  1. Otto K. sagt:

    beautiful light and dark…looking for shapes in the darkness.

  2. david sagt:

    beautifully mysterious…it is a tale of such light and shade!

  3. Luis sagt:

    Just like looking at this…no words…just silent thought, very well done.

  4. Elaine- sagt:

    yes we will sit in my chair, it’s big enuff for two, so i can feel like a queen in a throne, and you can be my king, and take moody pictures like this one, and i’ll take fluffy pictures, the perfect balance…. from now on, sign off ’so long and thanks for all the fish‘ OR ‚all the best and sweet kisses, Fritsch’… personally i prefer the latter :)

  5. rhys sagt:

    minimal and suggestive traces of a presence. Ticks my boxes.

  6. There is genius in your simplicity

  7. very nice abstract shot :)

  8. terrorkitten sagt:

    A stunning photo and a wonderful tune,

  9. Kamal sagt:

    Mysterious figure. What is that? I like how you divided the composition, like it was two different scenes. Even if it’s a single picture, I’d like it too!

  10. Turnbill sagt:

    Lovely, mysterious abstract shot.

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