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going down

© neon light by Fritsch, 2008

I got a house that’s full of lights but I never turn them on / Heater’s broken, moon is going down (The Gourds)

posted: September 29, 2008
under: black & white, pictures
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3 Responses to “going down”

  1. flo g sagt:

    i like it a lot.. why ? i don’t know really.. ;) i think it is very evocative of loneless..

  2. Fritsch sagt:

    Thanks, Florence. This one was shot in a basement room. All alone & very lonely. A single neon light on a bare wall means loneliness. I think you are perfectly right.

  3. What a cool and creative shot. I love the tones, the way the plug shows itself against the light.

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