songs about roving, rambling and plain hard luck & photography from the other side …
me, I’m handcuffed to a fence in Mississippi

You know freedom’s just a stupid superstition / ‚cause life’s a highway that you travel blind / It’s true that having fun’s a terminal addiction / What good is happiness, when it’s just a state of mind? / For in the prison of perpetual emotion / We’re all shackled to the millstone of our dreams […]

been busy killing time counting bullet holes in state line signs

I say „God, if you ain’t smiling on me, then you ain’t no friend of mine.“ / It’s late at night and this motel room’s drunk, I been listening to the lonesome wind crying / My best friend once said, „Jim, what you cling to, that’s the thing that you had best forget / For […]

thank God them years I searched were not in vain

Bluebird on a telephone line / How are you? I’m feeling fine / Sweetly do I whisper your name / Lonely solo taxi ride to a cheap motel / On the wrong side of the tracks / The facts are tricky to explain / Cold front bearing down / Blowing in from Birmingham / By […]