songs about roving, rambling and plain hard luck & photography from the other side …
counting cars & counting days & counting years

I think the best of me’s still standing in the doorway / Counting cars and counting days and counting years / I could say you made me go through life the hard way / But it might’ve been worse if you were here (Jason Isbell)

the ghosts that I got scared & I got high with look a little lost

And the story’s only mine to live and die with / The answer’s only mine to come across / But the ghosts that I got scared and I got high with / Look a little lost / Ten years ago I might have thought I didn’t have the right / To say the things an […]

‚til man & land are both the same

Here, he never touched you / Inside this house he never called your name / So stay where I can see you, girl / We both know the outside world / Has changed and it will never be the same / My hands, they are wicked / My head and my heart are wicked, too […]