songs about roving, rambling and plain hard luck & photography from the other side …
but home was a dream, one I’d never seen till you came along

So girl, leave your boots by the bed we ain’t leaving this room / Till someone needs medical help or the magnolias bloom / It’s cold in this house and I ain’t going out to chop wood / So cover me up and know you’re enough to use me for good (Jason Isbell)

veins through the skin like a faded tattoo

The road got blurry when the sun came up / So I slept a couple hours in the pickup truck / Drank a cup of coffee by an Indian mound / A thousand miles away from that speed trap town / A thousand miles away from that speed trap town (Jason Isbell) You & Me […]

think the best of me’s still standing in the doorway

A picture on another page, I recognize my eyes have aged / I’d been alone for quite a while then / Trying to get a match to burn, waiting on a latch to turn / I still have difficulty smiling (Jason Isbell) You & Me & Me & You | Florian Fritsch in der Zustandszone, […]