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invisible city V

© Storefront Genthiner Str. Berlin 2009 by Fritsch

In the still of the night / In the world’s ancient light / Where wisdom grows up in strife / My bewildering brain / Toils in vain / Through the darkness on the pathways of life (Bob Dylan)

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posted: September 27, 2009
under: colour, invisible city, pictures
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18 Responses to “invisible city V”

  1. elaine sagt:

    I like your invisible cities… humanless nights in urbany :)

  2. Kamal sagt:

    Great & vibrant colors indeed. This is my favourite from all your ‚invisible city‘ series. I’m looking forward to see more. Thanks for sharing, Fritsch!

  3. walter sagt:

    Was für ein Bild, genial … Farben und Formen … unzählige Bilder wirbeln durch meinen Kopf … Beichtstuhl, Glasmalerei, Mondrian, Kirchenfenster …. einfach grossartig!
    Holy Fritsch, die Serie wird immer stärker … fantastisch!

  4. a.h.lex sagt:

    wonderful colours and a good composition!

  5. grant sagt:

    this feels about as lonely as i can imagine. shop window displays? not even meant for real people. i agree with the earlier comment. i think this is my favorite of the series.

  6. rhys sagt:

    some kind of showroom? The lack of people sets it off nicely, the electric colours add to the futuristic ambiance and feel of the surroundings.

  7. MARIANA sagt:

    Brilliant image . Cool processing !

  8. Sean sagt:

    Funny how they create this warm nice place to show everyone and yet at night it is clinical and cold… the true emptiness of it shows without people… doesnt need to be beautiful to be homely… it needs people!

  9. Beverungen sagt:

    colorful frozen moment in time. seems like a puppet store, beautyful lifeless. like a filmset of a movie never made.



  10. Krista sagt:

    This is gorgeous! The colours contrast beautifully with the dark night. I am really enjoying this series of yours.

  11. sherri sagt:

    An exceptional image. The neon-like blue framing really sets it off.

  12. terrorkitten sagt:

    Like a still from Rear Window.

  13. IvyC. sagt:

    Beautiful depiction – An eye catcher!

  14. sagt:

    lines, symmetrie, color composition, lights…. everythin is just perfect in this shot! Love it!

  15. Absolutely love these vibrant colours and a peek into the inside life. Love the combination of warm and cold colours.

  16. flo g sagt:

    on ne peut s’empêcher d’être voyeur, d’imaginer.. j’ai fait une photo avec la même idée, qui s’appelle “ une nuit ordinaire“.. j’aime beaucoup cette idée, et ici les couleurs sont très intéressantes, chaudes et froides.. le graphisme, tour à tour rideau de théâtre, ou panneau japonisant fait courir notre imagination..

  17. Ilan sagt:

    A glimpse into a stranger world.
    No matter how original we try to be, in the end, we all appear in boxes of light :)
    Nice frame!

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