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take this heart of gold and melt it down, I’ll come around

Out the door and down the drive  / There’s a part of me that tries / To keep that highway’s call to me away / And another, further still / That sadly never will / Feel at home no matter how long I may stay / So take this heart of gold and melt it down / I’ll come around / I’ll come around (Mandolin Orange)

posted: Januar 8, 2017
under: black & white, pictures
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3 Responses to “take this heart of gold and melt it down, I’ll come around”

  1. Francis J sagt:

    That winter night offers such a beautiful light. Just needs to know how to appreciate it like you do, bro.
    The lyrics of Mandolin Orange tell us so well how we can feel these nights! Coldness manages to penetrate also the inner part of buildings. And also people. Keep warm, my friend, and prepare the following steps!

  2. Elaine- sagt:

    now THAT is a BLACK and white lol… i’m not sure what it’s a picture of, but I’m proud of you for posting it :) it’s lovely… it makes the call of the highway seem soooo lonely… do come around, baby

  3. Uwe sagt:

    Astwerk mit Schnee, beleuchtet von einer Laterne, unten ein paar Autos mit Schneedecken, im Hintergrund an einer Wand die Schatten von Bäumen. Eine winterliche Nachtszene.

    Das schwache Licht entkörperlicht die Materie, verwischt die Grenzen – zwischen Sein und Nicht-Sein, Realität und Illusion.

    Schwarz mit Weißhöhungen, sichtbar gemacht durch das Licht und – festgehalten. Pure Fotografie.

    Gruß, uWe

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