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a bruised & a fallen sky pressed all up against us

It’s a bruised and a fallen sky / Pressed all up against us / And it’s just as true, so far away / But I can be there by breakfast / I just drive on through to you / So as the past goes breaking by / Where are you tonight? (Richard Buckner as sung by Jeffrey Foucault)

posted: Dezember 18, 2016
under: colour, pictures, rural sketches
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3 Responses to “a bruised & a fallen sky pressed all up against us”

  1. Markus sagt:

    Us Bavarians have patented the „ideal world“. The bruised sky is outside, ours is white and blue.

  2. Francis J sagt:

    Where I´m tonight? That’s a question I have when I’m alone in my hotel room. And looking at the wall it happens sometimes that I find a kind of answer! Thanks a lot, bro, for collecting these small details of our lives. These wabi sabi suki things.

  3. Elaine- sagt:

    i just LOVE this photograph, the way you capture things that go unseen, it’s magic, YOU are magic!

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