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them holes in the sky are the stars in your eyes

Now we’re in love come and lay by my side / Them holes in the sky are the stars in your eyes / The battle’s won so I’ll promise you I won’t give up the fight / And we won’t have to be lonesome tonight (Micah P. Hinson)

posted: Dezember 21, 2014
under: black & white, pictures
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14 Responses to “them holes in the sky are the stars in your eyes”

  1. Ulli sagt:

    dieses Foto macht mich ein wenig sprachlos, weil es so grandios ist!!!
    eine kleine Verbeugung und herzliche Grüsse

  2. michèle sagt:

    Wunderschön ist das Rad mit der Laterne im Vordergrund!

    Meine Wünsche für die Weihnachten, Fritsch.

  3. Francis J sagt:

    Love the composition with the two levels of lightning and the largest part dedicated to the black of the night, something clearly appropriated to winter. And I can see myself, too, walking along the streets and attracted by the big wheel. Dreaming of new adventures: meeting the girl of that night, for sure… That’s why I love nights, Florian, that’s why I like to wander with no intention to go home. A feeling you managed to illustrate here so well.

    • Fritsch sagt:

      I know that feeling damn well, my friend. And looking through those picture of ours just shows me why we’re soulbrothers. Each time & again & again, Francis!

      All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  4. Elaine- sagt:

    the battle is lost, but the war is won…. are you watching silly Christmas movies like me, sweet heart? i love this shot, the composition is exquisite xoxoxoxox

    • Fritsch sagt:

      No silly Christmas movies but some cool jazz tunes back from the 60ies, baby. And while that horn is blowing I save some of my exquisites for you, sweet heart.

      All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  5. MT sagt:

    beautiful picture and the words to it.

    Merry Christmas to you! Hugs from me, marie

  6. Roland Theys sagt:

    Love the composition, Merry Christmas to you!

  7. Ay, Fritsch, buddy, great nighttime shot, pal, and tramps like us, night crawlers, love those nighttime lights and those big wheel frights… Love it, keep ‚em coming!

    Merry Christmas, buddy!


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