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flyin‘ shoes

© Evening on Grunewaldstr. Berlin 2009 by Fritsch

Days full of rain / Sky’s comin‘ down again / I get so tired of these same old blues / Same old song / Baby, it won’t be long / ‚fore I’ll be tying on my flyin‘ shoes (Townes van Zandt)

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posted: Juli 1, 2009
under: black & white, pictures
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10 Responses to “flyin‘ shoes”

  1. Kamal sagt:

    haha. i was expecting a picture of somebody throwing his shoe, like that journalist threw his shoe to Bush. very dark and dramatic skies. suits the song, about raining. i would like to see a long exposure image of this one too..! great capture.

  2. a.h.lex sagt:

    i want to write a few basic words: fantastic contrast in a interesting scenery.

  3. Joe sagt:

    The bright and dark side of a street.
    Great shot

  4. david sagt:

    there’s a strong feeling of narrative to this shot: a tale to be told, mystery in every deepening shadow. excellent.

  5. Joe sagt:

    Und Irgendwie scheint in auf der dunklen Seite keiner in den Wohnungen zu sein! Wie Links, wo Licht in den Wohnungen zu sehen ist! Vielleicht Pennen die ja auch schon, weil ist ja schon dunkel :-


  6. rhys sagt:

    There is a dark brooding storm. People are rushing. There is no time.

  7. flo g sagt:

    you took a photograph on this place in winter, no?
    Your dark color has always a deep signification, with you ;)

  8. Fritsch sagt:

    Not exactly this place, Florence. It’s a crossing & the winter picture was taken looking south. This one is looking westward.

    All the best & safe travels,

  9. grant sagt:

    fantastic night view!

  10. Avery sagt:

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