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what I’ll become slowly taking shape

Woke up lost in a world I can’t escape / What I’ll become slowly taking shape / Start again, it’s not the end but altogether new / And I’m never giving up til I found you / And I know you’re out there somwhere / And I know that you are well / Looking for an answer but only time can tell / Parallels (Eels)

posted: Mai 11, 2014
under: 600 km, black & white, pictures
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13 Responses to “what I’ll become slowly taking shape”

  1. Francis J sagt:

    Great combination lyrics/picture! The human ant can’t escape, lost in this world which looks like our world. But we know since the beginning that we are lost…
    Florian, you found there in Darmstadt a great partner to express your vision of the world. This picture is a winner for all the losers. And I include myself as a loser! This picture is a winner for the photographer who produced it. And I’m a winner for looking at it now.
    Let’s go on, my friend, on this road. We are lost but we earn every day more and more incredible views!

  2. Uwe sagt:

    Die gespannte Aufmerksamkeit, mit der dieser Mann auf einem schmalen Grad balanciert, dieses hellwache Beisichsein im Vollbesitz seiner Fähigkeiten, dieses bewusste Setzen jedes einzelnen Schrittes – das ist es, was mich an diesem Schattenmann auf dem First eines Daches fasziniert und meine Gedanken auf Touren bringt.

    Gruß, Uwe

  3. moncat sagt:

    Suggestive and perhaps dramatic scene.

  4. duke sagt:

    Perhaps there is a global response to the problem …
    Terrific pic Florian !

  5. michèle sagt:

    Splendid picture of something that looks like a prison with a tightrope walker who seems to be an prisoner trying to get away.

    It’s true we can’t escape ourselves +and+ and it has more reality that we cant’escape the representation the others get of us even or just because they are or were very near.

  6. rem_la sagt:

    un joli jeu d’équilibre

  7. Jerome sagt:

    Parallels sometimes converge, just keep looking far ahead on the road my friend, maybe you’ll become what you wanted and not what you fear

  8. Phil Vaughn sagt:

    The process of „becoming ourselves“ can take us higher or lower or both. I would suppose that we can fall from either extreme. It’s far easier than climbing. Love the shot!

  9. Ulli sagt:

    oh wow … und wieder ein einsamer Dachtänzer und wieder berührt er mich … danke dafür, und das Lied dazu passt sehr … Hoffen und Sehnen und Suchen und Finden und manchmal auch einfach ankommen und dableiben, wie auch immer noch, life is life …

    good days and ways for you
    das wünscht dir von Herzen Ulli

  10. aptass sagt:

    Like fiddler on the roof. Very dramatic

  11. Elaine- sagt:

    wow, what a cool shot!! howard the duck and mr stress both stayed, trapped in a world that they never made, but not me baby, i’m too precious

  12. Die Balance als Schattenriss in der untergehenden Sonne, ein feines Bild, lieber Florian!
    Viele Grüße von uns,

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