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sway like my babe walkin‘ back to me

Love to see to see them tall trees swayin‘ / Tall trees swayin‘ in the breeze / When I see them tall trees swayin‘ / Sway like my babe walkin‘ back to me / Sway like my babe walkin‘ back to me / Walkin‘ back to me / I love to hear that night bird cryin‘ / Night bird cryin‘ low and sweet / When I hear that night bird cryin‘ / Cryin‘ like my babe callin‘ me / Cryin‘ like my babe callin‘ me / Callin‘ me (Dave Alvin)

posted: September 15, 2013
under: black & white, pictures, rural sketches
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8 Responses to “sway like my babe walkin‘ back to me”

  1. Elaine- sagt:

    hello baby, this is a beautiful picture, i love the way you framed it and i could swear that we were both looking at the same sky yesterday, see? we are neighbours

  2. Uwe sagt:

    Der Himmel als Leinwand,
    die Wolken als Akteure,
    das Licht als Medium,
    und der Wind ahnbar im leicht s(ch)wingenden Blätterwerk der Bäume – so lobe ich mir den Norden: Ein perfekter Rahmen für seine eigentümliche Schönheit.

    Gruß, Uwe

  3. Diese feine Komposition lässt uns in ihrem Licht strahlen. Hier möchte man durch den Himmel schwimmen … ein wunderbares Bild, lieber Florian!
    Viele Grüße von uns!
    dm und mb

  4. michèle sagt:

    Fake beauty of the sky swept by a strong wind before the rain.
    Beautiful picture!

  5. As cars go by I cast my mind’s eye
    Over back packs on roof racks
    Beyond the horizon
    Where dream makers
    Working white plastic processors
    Invite the unwary
    To reach for the pie in the sky
    Go fishing my boy! (Roger Waters)

    The trees and clouds over the horizon take me where I want to go. Dreamy, Florian.

  6. ay, Fritsch, buddy – pure beauty! great blacks and whites and greys, and wonderful framing!

    it’s out there on the road, under a wide open sky, hobos and all wandering slingers of guns and dealers of cards and kissers of girls must go to feel free, it’s out there we all must go every once in a while.

    keep ‚em coming, pal!


  7. Jerome sagt:

    When I look up I also see a tree and the sky and maybe some clouds, we’re all under the same sky

  8. Phil Vaughn sagt:

    A big tree swaying under an even bigger sky and you open it all up with your huge vision for the treasures that you find right in front of you. You underscore it all with a song and push our imaginations out into your world with orders to Go! Find! See!

    I’m thankful for all your poetic photography.

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