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cut my teeth on the white lines of life’s endless lonesome highway

© Diesel, Velten, 2013, Florian Fritsch

Bus stop rain…busted power a broke down ’69 LTD… / I hocked my tools…to buy my brain…a funeral wreath…from the FTD / Blank billboards on the highway of life / Counterfeit bills in the neon lights / This stick-shift driven saw-dust dream / Show-biz sho‘ ain’t what it seems / Little hipster dufus with the guitar in a coffin / I been copping his licks about every so often / Then I flip-flop, go the other way / I rip off the dude where the colored girls say: doo-doo-do-doo-doo-do-doo-doo-do-do-doooo-dooooo / See, I cut my teeth on the white lines of life’s endless lonesome highways / Taking stock in the horizon, shouting at every fool that come my way (Jim White)

posted: Januar 24, 2013
under: black & white, pictures
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20 Responses to “cut my teeth on the white lines of life’s endless lonesome highway”

  1. Roland Theys sagt:

    Magnificent and beautiful play of light very soft, cheers!

  2. aptass sagt:

    wow super cool. I like how cleaned off it is. Could be a model for all I know.

  3. walter sagt:

    Kein Auto, kein Bus, kein Geräusch in dunkler Nacht, alles aufgeräumt und geschleckt, unheimlich diese Tiefe und Stille, zum Versinken schön!
    Mein lieber Freund ein starkes, unheimlich starkes Bild!

  4. duke sagt:

    I would even say : really excellent !

  5. Uwe sagt:

    Eine profane Tankstelle bei Nacht, von aller Tagesgeschäftigkeit bereinigt und mit einer sanften, noch unbefleckten Schneedecke überzogen.

    Ein Licht, das die Formschönheit der Dinge hervorhebt, eine Komposition, die in einer perfekten Korrespondenz der Vertikalen und Diagonalen besteht, eine Hell-Dunkel-Verteilung, die an ein Gemälde denken lässt.

    Und über und vor allem: die Stimmung.
    Eine bergende Stille, eine geheimnisvolle Unbewegtheit – die Nacht, ein Hort der fernsten Sehnsüchte.

    Gruß, Uwe

  6. Phil Vaughn sagt:

    The snow covers the grit and grime and gives a sterile look to this station with all it’s clean-cut orderliness. Underneath all of that is the reality of the place. It’s a scene of mixed metaphors just like the lyrics of the song that says „I’m a mix of things and people and events, and regardless of what I seem to be, I am only what I am.“
    Your photos are always more than what they seem to be. The lyrics you include (I’m always amazed at how you find them) add a luster and a mystery….and it’s all good!

  7. Francis J sagt:

    The composition and the light, or how the choice of a composition is enhanced by the light, which means mainly by the dark. Placing the gas pumps on the middle of the frame is not a recommanded colocation – the recommanded one would be at a third – but it allows to give more space to the dark on the left end. And this brings more mystery to it.

    Surely the snow adds something of a pure feeling in what normally is not so clean. And makes the white light looking colder and unreal.

    As a result of your choices, Florian, this picture is one of your most impressive to me. And once more the demonstration that we can find beauty (almost) everywhere. I put „almost“, cause we always have to be (a little bit) careful with our thoughts!

  8. Marcie sagt:

    Love the mood you’ve captured/created here. A wonderful sense of solitude!

  9. Jerome sagt:

    When the only thing to break up the long lonesome stretch of road is the soft glow from a deserted station, no one around for miles

  10. Martina Egli sagt:

    Wow – what a stunning image. I love how you’ve captured the mystery and beautiful stillness of that place. The dramatic lighting and your use of negative space is striking too. Many compliments on this powerful photo.

  11. A delight. The atmosphere is very special in this picture.
    Solitude and quiet places. But also, the high intensity of the light.
    A superb shot. My compliments.

  12. ay, Fritsch, what a shot!

    it’s … almost like a place in a dream – undefined, yet very concrete and specific. and beautiful,

    and a place for a man on the run, a wanted man or a man running to his woman, a man who barely has time to stop for quick one in the darkness on the edge of town. a man caught there, in the darkness not knowing if the going up was worth the coming down or not ….

    and such great lyrics, too! I’ll have to check out the song as soon as I’m somewhere I can hook up the speakers!

    keep ‚em coming, buddy!

    Vivas! Vivas todo de la noche, amigo!

  13. Elaine- sagt:

    oh my dog!!! this is like something rod serling needs to introduce, so chilling, scary, very twilight zone, my dear, i’m so impressed with your minimalism… how do you do it? you are mmmmmagic :) xoxoxoxxoxox

  14. Beve sagt:

    sicher eines der großartigsten fotos bei dir – und das heißt schon was. film noir im kopfkino. merci und viele grüße


  15. Ivy Tavia C. sagt:

    Oh how CLEVER Florian… I love it when crafted with „Substance and Heart“ it shows! Your world is so rich with story (HA!).

  16. elaine sagt:

    where did all the people go? i love thiese places when they are empty, surreal .

  17. DomLortha sagt:

    A masterpiece!! The light is perfect, and the BW too. You really render so well the mood of this desert gas station. Something will happen, it’s sure! Great!!
    Have a nice day.

  18. H.O sagt:

    i like this photo very much.

  19. Luis sagt:

    Damn fine night photography, Fritsch.

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