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this barren land is alive tonight

© Georg-Büchner-Platz, Darmstadt 2012 by Fritsch

So take my hand this barren land is alive tonight / And the corn has grown, stalks that form a wall to hide / But the wind carries sounds that I can’t see from beyond that line / Then the stalks begin to sway (Bright Eyes)

posted: September 12, 2012
under: 600 km, black & white, pictures
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8 Responses to “this barren land is alive tonight”

  1. Elaine- sagt:

    do you ever wonder if the beauty of this land is a cruel joke? i do… but then i look in the eyes of my kitteh cat and i know she’s for real, if God exists, at least He gave us pets, and friends like you, my dear… strange and wonderful picture you have up today

  2. Phil Vaughn sagt:

    This photo calls to mind the feeling of „War of the Worlds“ with all it’s flailing robotic appendages. I’m not sure if this is a one-way speaker or an intercom, but it reminds me that there is nothing like real human contact! At any rate, it’s imposing in it’s own way.

  3. Uwe sagt:

    Die Rätsel des Gewöhnlichen –
    gesehen und – wie immer – auf unnachahmliche Weise ins Bild gesetzt auf einem Platz, dessen Namensgeber Sätze produzierte,
    die einen betreffen und angehen,
    Sätze wie diesen hier:
    Der Mensch ist ein Abgrund,
    es schwindelt einem,
    wenn man hinabsieht.
    Gruß, Uwe

  4. A cyclops in an industrial land. It’s like it’s watching all around, including you watching and photographing. Kind of un-nerving. I like that :)

  5. Marcie sagt:

    I always love how you pair the lyrics with the image. Terrific!

  6. Jerome sagt:

    Speak to the world, or look upon it

  7. rian sagt:

    i wouldn’t want to be that close when it toots.. :)

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