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say a prayer of hope for my driftin’, sweet dreamin’ mind

© Kornhaus, Dessau 2011 by Fritsch

They say that even in the worst hope overcometh / But not in this cold lonely world of mine / So if your warm thoughts ever wander up to good heavens / Say a prayer of hope for my driftin’, sweet dreamin’ mind (Josh T. Pearson)

posted: Mai 6, 2012
under: black & white, hinterland, pictures
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9 Responses to “say a prayer of hope for my driftin’, sweet dreamin’ mind”

  1. aptass sagt:

    My first thought was a mothership. The sky is beautiful with the high contrast and all the clouds.

  2. Elaine- sagt:

    i will stand on your prayer circle and pray that hope overtakes you as you run from the hounds of hell… you spread beauty, picture by picture, and visit us with your sweet dreamin‘ mind.. we are grateful for you, Florian.. don’t ever stop being you… xoxoxox

  3. sherri sagt:

    looks like a space ship has landed

  4. Uwe sagt:

    Im besten Sinne hyper-realistisch:
    eine banale architektonische Szenerie so fotografiert, dass ihre magischen Abgründe sichtbar werden oder hier: ihre über-irdischen Qualitäten. LG, Uwe

  5. Francis J sagt:

    It’s not necessary trying to identify this round structure, we may imagine lot of things, we may too imagine nothing, cause the strength of this composition overcomes any attempt in recognizing our ordinary world. And here, this is no ordinary world, this is your personal world, Florian, made of shapes and musics, beauty and blacks, hope and whites!

  6. DomLortha sagt:

    A space saucer felt in the garden!! The invasion has started!! Great find!
    Have a nice day.

  7. Beve sagt:

    wie ein drehteller, der uns in die wolken schleudert. dort treiben wir ziellos umher. zeit.

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